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Core principles
Core principles
Windows Phone Harmony - UX
Windows Phone Harmony - UX
Windows Phone Harmony - Health
Windows Phone Harmony - Health
The Big Picture
The Big Picture
Media and Graphics
Media and Graphics
Media and Graphics
Media and Graphics
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Фон для подсвечниках

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1What’s Coming Next to the Windows 17Synchronize data; SETI@home; etc.
Phone Application Platform. Brandon Resource-Intensive Agent. Real-time GPS
Watson. @brandonwatson. tracking. Run under the lock screen.
2Core principles. 18Application Lifecycle. Re-load state 425-985-5568 ONLY if tombstoned. Application is
@brandonwatson. 2. resident in memory; system detaches
3Major Investment Areas. Multi-tasking resources and pauses threads. Save but do
Enhanced Phone Framework XNA Silverlight not dispose of state. Tombstoned.
Integration Integrating with the phone 19Windows Phone Harmony - UX. CPU
Performance Database Access Complete the Balance foreground and background Monitor
push notification and Tile experience usage. Working Set Maximize # of dormant
Marketplace Services Sockets. apps 5 MB for periodic 10 MB for audio BTS
4Integrating with the Phone. Data. limits per app. Periodic agents run
Controls. Launchers & Choosers. serially when screen is on App isolation
Camera. Networking. Sensors. Bing Maps. is maintained No app execution on install
SQL CE. Frame and Page Navigation Additional ingestion rules. Delightful and
improvements. Access to the pipeline. Responsive UX. Never Regret App Install.
Sockets. GPS. Accelerometer. E-mail. Phone Integrated Feel.
Contacts. Performance. Compass. Phone 20Windows Phone Harmony - Health.
Number. No need to capture the image to Efficient Network Usage Aligned with radio
flash. Connection Manager control. Gyro. On Idle agents don’t use radio. New System
Phone Calendar. Open Source on CodePlex. Services Secure Performant Reliable Stress
Address Chooser. Spatial Framework. tested. Periodic Agents CPL provides user
5Hardware Availability and Debugging. control Expire after 14 days Run 15
Not all phones will have same hardware seconds every 30 min Cache GPS Execute in
configuration Gyro and Compass optional parallel when screen is off Participate in
(but if Gyro present, Compass present) battery saver mode. Battery Friendly.
Motion Sensor quality based on sensors Network Conscience. Hardened Services.
present Accelerometer, Gyro, and Compass - 21Tools Investments. Tools. Emulator.
best quality Accelerometer and Compass – .NET. New Template for Multitasking.
good for AR scenarios (reduced quality Sensors and Location in Emulator.
without Gyro) Physical hardware required Performance. Generational GC. Debugging
for most debugging scenarios Accelerometer Background Agents. Multi Touch in
can be debugged with emulator. Emulator. Serialization. Isolated Storage
6Integrating with the Phone. Data. Explorer. Screen shot. SIMD – Vector.
Controls. Launchers & Choosers. Profiler. Ingestion Tool. Profiler.
Camera. Networking. Sensors. Bing Maps. 22DEMO. Profiler & Mapping.
SQL CE. Frame and Page Navigation 23Uservoice. We want to hear from you
improvements. Access to the pipeline. Released – Windows Phone Developer
Sockets. GPS. Accelerometer. E-mail. Phone Feedback App Provides phone interface to
Contacts. Performance. Compass. Phone make suggestions about Windows Phone
Number. No need to capture the image to Developer platform Website
flash. Connection Manager control. Gyro. Released – User
Phone Calendar. Open Source on CodePlex. Voice for Windows Phone Makes it very easy
Address Chooser. Spatial Framework. to integrate user feedback into your app.
7New and updated APIs in “Mango”. 24Silverlight Investments. Performance.
Chooser Tasks related to user data Silverlight 4. International. Memory
EmailAddressChooserTask Management. Reading/Writing of all Mango
PhoneNumberChooserTask AddressChooserTask Languages. RichTextBox. Implicit Styles.
Microsoft.Phone.UserData for direct access Input on Render Thread. Big deal if you
Contacts Appointments Important points are writing an app for Asia. Clipboard
Contacts and Appointments APIs are read API. Profiler Instrumentation.
only Third party social network data 25Call to Action. Keep building WP7 apps
cannot be shared. and submit them to marketplace All apps
8Contacts/Appointments Data Shared. . are forward compatible Mango allows you to
Contact Name and Picture. Other contact build deeply integrated phone experiences
data. Appointments/Events. Windows Live Multitasking opens up completely creative
Social. YES. YES. YES. Windows Live opportunities Download the Beta WPDT today
Rolodex (user created and SIM import). and start experimenting.
YES. YES. n/a. Exchange accounts 26
(corporate plus Google, etc.). YES. YES. 27The future. Yesterday. Thanks to Shawn
YES. Operator Address Books. YES. YES. Oster, PM. Oren Nachman. Software
n/a. Facebook. YES. NO. NO. Other networks Development Engineer in Test Silverlight
in the People Hub (e.g., Twitter). NO. NO. for Windows Phone.
NO. 28Agenda. Feedback The Software Stack
9Integrating with the Phone. Data. Shifting Focuses Overview of features
Controls. Launchers & Choosers. coming in the next version Silverlight 4
Camera. Networking. Sensors. Bing Maps. features vs. new phone features. 28.
SQL CE. Frame and Page Navigation 29Your feedback here. Mango. 29.
improvements. Access to the pipeline. 30The Big Picture. Extras. Calendar
Sockets. GPS. Accelerometer. E-mail. Phone Contacts Maps. Push, Alerts. Silverlight
Contacts. Performance. Compass. Phone and XNA integration. FAS. Multitasking.
Number. No need to capture the image to Gen GC. SQL CE. Silverlight 4.0. Camera,
flash. Connection Manager control. Gyro. Sensors & Motion. Flexible chassis.
Phone Calendar. Open Source on CodePlex. SoC.
Address Chooser. Spatial Framework. 31Silverlight Today. 1st Class.
10Integrating with the Phone. Data. Performance. Features. WP7 themed controls
Controls. Launchers & Choosers. w/ InputScopes. Hardware Accelerated.
Camera. Networking. Sensors. Bing Maps. Silverlight 3. Networking. Manipulation
SQL CE. Frame and Page Navigation events. Render thread. Silverlight OR XNA.
improvements. Access to the pipeline. WebBrowserControl. Automatic Cached
Sockets. GPS. Accelerometer. E-mail. Phone Composition. Media. 31.
Contacts. Performance. Compass. Phone 32Silverlight Tomorrow. 1st Class.
Number. No need to capture the image to Performance. Features. Rendering and Input
flash. Connection Manager control. Gyro. for all 7.X Supported Languages. List
Phone Calendar. Open Source on CodePlex. Scrolling. Silverlight 4. Sockets. Control
Address Chooser. Spatial Framework. Improvements and Phone Integration. Memory
11Expanding the Phone Framework. Tiles. (OOM handling, working set). Silverlight
Phone Extras. Push Notifications. & XNA Integration. WebBrowserControl
Signature user experience for Windows using IE9. Profiler Instrumentation.
Phone. Search. Deep Toast. Complete WebCam. Camera. Camera. Camera. Title Two
Framework. Music. More control over Point one and more Second point Third
notifications. Multiple Tiles. Photos. point goes here. Title Three Point one and
12What is App Connect? Added more Second point Third point goes here.
functionality 3rd party apps provide for 32.
Bing items Four item types: Movies Places 33Performance. ListBox scrolling Memory
Events Products. working set Off-thread image decoding
13Three Easy Steps to Implement Search BackgroundCreation Other targeted speed
Extras. Update your app’s Manifest Use the and graphics improvements. 33.
Extensions element One child Extension 34Feature Areas. General Silverlight 4
element for each category your app Improvements Input Output Controls
supports Your app will appear in those Networking Media & Graphics
items! This is a great way to drive Silverlight & XNA Performance. 34.
downloads if your app isn’t yet installed 35General Silverlight 4 Improvements.
Add an Extras.XML file to your XAP Specify What It Is Implicit styles Data binding
captions for each Bing category Accept enhancements ICommand support What It’s
Context to automatically open the item in Not Printing, MouseWheel, Right-Click,
your app Create a SearchExtras page that Drag and Drop. 35.
accepts parameters. Search for the item 36Input. Text IME integration TextBox
using the parameters passed to your app. events Touch Tap, DoubleTap, Hold. 36.
14Multitasking Themes. Fast Application 37Output. Support for all languages on
Resume Ability to resume applications that the phone Red Squiggly. 37.
the user has recently used Apps stay in 38Controls. RichTextBox (read-only)
memory unless memory is needed for other WebBrowser uses IE9 Clipboard API Fixes
apps *Every* app should do this Background for Silverlight Toolkit controls. 38.
Agents Ability to run your code in the 39Networking. Sockets TCP, UDP Unicast,
background Audio, Timed or on Idle UDP Multicast Other Improvements Full
Notifications Ability to create alarms and header access WebClient now returns on
reminders UX and behavior is the same as originating thread. 39.
the phone Alarms and Calendar items 40Code Sample. Silverlight 4. 40.
Background Transfer Service Application 41Media and Graphics. WebCam API
can queue up transfers in the background. Improved battery usage for video in
15Windows Phone Harmony. Health. UX. MediaElement 32 bits per pixel support
Delightful and Responsive UX. Battery Defaults to 16, same as WP7 VideoBrush.
Friendly. Never Regret App Install. 41.
Network Conscience. Integrated Feel. 42Silverlight & XNA. Page-level
Hardened Services. Element-level. 42.
16Multitasking and Phone Health. 43Mango Application Lifecycle. Thanks
17Multitasking Cheat Sheet. Job. Tool. Jaime! Fast App Resume. Resuming .. .
Resume quickly from the lock screen. Fast Restore state! IsAppInstancePreserved ==
App Switching (it’s free!). Set an alarm false. State preserved!
or reminder at a precise time. Background IsAppInstancePreserved == true. Save
Notification. Large file downloads. State! Tombstone the oldest app. Phone
Background Transfer. Event-based resources detached Threads & timers
toast/tile updates. Push Notifications. suspended.
Location-based services; regular 44Creepy Twitter. Sam Jarawan. 44.
toast/tile updates; data pre-caching; etc. 45Q&A </kittens> 45.
Periodic Background Agent. Play music in 4646.
the background. Background Audio Player.
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Фон для подсвечниках

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