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Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Outcomes of Similar Format Wars
Security, Durability & Other
Security, Durability & Other
Current Market Share
Current Market Share
Why Blu-ray is On the Rise
Why Blu-ray is On the Rise
Why Blu-ray is On the Rise
Why Blu-ray is On the Rise
HDTV Sales Trends
HDTV Sales Trends
Has HD Optical Media Crossed the Chasm
Has HD Optical Media Crossed the Chasm
Possible Compromises
Possible Compromises
Possible Compromises
Possible Compromises
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High-definition DVD Format Wars

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1High-definition DVD Format Wars March 9Current Market Share. Sales trends
14, 2007. Strategic Computing. Saud Al illustrate Blu-ray gaining dominant market
Shamsi Vikas Bhargava Karen Hsu Josh share. 8. Strategic Computing.
Palmer Mark Schelbert Edmund Wong. 10Why Blu-ray is On the Rise?
2Introduction Blu-ray vs. HD DVD. In Availability of Hardware (players) Blu-ray
recent years, high-definition (HD) (with PS3) : HD DVD = 5 : 1 Blu-ray sales
television and HD optical discs entered up 700% since the launch of PS3 and other
the market Two HD formats have appeared in players 687,000 PS3 sold in US
the DVD market, both claiming to be the Availability of Content 19 of the “Top 20”
rightful successor to the DVD throne: DVDs in 2006 were released by studios
Blu-ray (developed by Sony/Phillips) HD supporting Blu-ray. 9. Strategic
DVD (developed by Toshiba) Measured by Computing.
most performance metrics these two 11Business Model. There are several
technologies are the same, except that players in determining a dominant network
Blu-ray has significantly larger capacity However “Content is King” and will largely
(66%). However, Blu-ray appears to have determine the victor. Customers.
greater network support. 1. Strategic Competitors. Complementors. HD Optical
Computing. Disc Format. Suppliers. 10. Strategic
3Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Future. While the Computing. Consumers Retailers /
format war rages on, entirely different Distributors Licensees. Internet VHS TV On
outcomes are possible: LG has introduced a Demand (VOD) Flash Memory. HDTV Media
dual-format player and drive Internet may Players Game Consoles. Disc Replicators /
replace the DVD as a movie delivery Factories Machinery Providers
vehicle International view: Japan (96% Entertainment Industry.
Blu-ray), Europe (pushing for open 12ESTIMATED ANNUAL REVENUE 2006 IN U.S.
licensing of both formats), China Current Marketing Strategies. $35 Billion.
(proprietary HD format), India (small $ $3.6 Billion. $12.5 Billion. Key players
market), South America (unknown); Xbox 360 with influence in the format war between
but still no PS3). 2. Strategic Computing. HD DVD and Blu-ray: the film industry, the
4History of Format Wars. Before HD, IBM adult film industry, and the video game
arbitrated a standard DVD format intended industry. 11. Strategic Computing.
to avoid a format war, but the outcome 13Current Marketing Strategies. Blu-ray
favored Toshiba regarding royalties, has adopted a “pre-emptive strike”
leaving Sony unhappy In response, Sony marketing strategy with its “War is Over”
began developing the next generation of advertising campaign. HD DVD. Blu-ray.
high-definition optical media Toshiba “The Look and Sound of Perfect” $150M
followed suit with its own HD technology advertising campaign Xbox 360 supports
While there were many “peace talks”, external HD DVD player Pornography
neither party reached agreement industry experimenting with HD DVD. “War
Comparison: VHS vs. Betamax War Despite is Over” advertising campaign PS3 internal
Beta’s superior quality, VHS won the war Blu-ray player Sony cutting player prices
because of its strong “content” network. from $1K to less than $500 Future Blu-ray
3. Strategic Computing. car players. 12. Strategic Computing.
5Outcomes of Similar Format Wars. 14Future Drivers. What are the drivers
Certain format wars were never won, but that will determine the future of this
instead compromised with the introduction format war? Economic. Performance.
of multi-format technology. DVD-R vs. Regulatory. Content – Blu-ray has greater
DVD+R Multi-format DVD drives accommodate support Price – Similar pricing
both CDMA vs. GSM Can make/receive calls Complementors - HDTV supports both formats
regardless of technology Both prevalent International View – Japan sided with
around the world Flash Memory Formats Over Blu-ray. Storage Capacity – Blu-ray
50 different kinds of flash memory greater capacity Security – Promising
All-in-one readers handle most types. 4. dynamic BD+ encryption Durability –
Strategic Computing. Blu-ray offers proprietary coating to
6Tech Comparison. Most performance prevents scratching. Associations -
metrics of these two technologies are the Blu-ray, BDA; HD DVD, DVD Forum Europe
same Blu-ray storage capacity is more –European Commission (EC) seeking open
practical for HD movies One technology. 13. Strategic Computing.
high-definition movie (~20GB) fits on just 15HD vs. Standard: is it worth the hype?
one Blu-ray layer (25GB); while HD DVD TV remains the Limiting Factor for the
requires two layers (2x 15GB). Blu-ray. HD time being High-definition provides far
DVD. Storage (single layer). 25GB (5 hrs superior resolution; however, without HD
of HD video). 15GB (2 hrs of HD video). televisions the improvement in quality
Storage (dual layer). 50GB (9 hrs of HD will go unnoticed. Standard. High
video). 30GB (5 hrs of HD video). Definition. Resolution (NTSC) 640 x 480i
Cost/Disc*. ~$1.59. ~$1.45. Cost/GB*. pixels Audio – Stereo, 44kHz. Resolutions
~$0.064. ~$0.097. Disc Player Price. $500 1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080i 1280 x 720p
(PS3) - $1000. $500 - $800. * Sources: Audio - AC-3: 48 kHz sampling rate, up to
ProActionMedia, WesleyTech; single layer. 8 channels, up to 18 Mbit/s. 14. Strategic
5. Strategic Computing. Computing.
7Network Comparison. While both formats 16HDTV Sales Trends. HD TVs expected to
have support from various large companies, increase from 4M HHs in 2006 to 52M HHs in
Blu-ray has greater support from content 2009. 15. Strategic Computing.
providers that are critical to achieving a 17Has HD Optical Media Crossed the
network effect Consumers will follow the Chasm? With the PS3, Blu-ray is quickly
format of the CONTENT providers. Blu-ray. approaching the chasm… …but HD-DVD is
HD DVD. Content Network. 20th Century Fox, lagging behind. 16. Strategic Computing.
Apple, Dell, Disney, LG, Lion’s Gate, 18Possible Compromises. Internet / Flash
Paramount, Philips, Sony (Columbia and Internet/flash memory may replace DVDs as
MGM), Warner. Paramount, Universal, the dominant media delivery vehicle for
Warner. Player Network. LG, Phillips, movies “DVD format will be irrelevant” –
Samsung, Sony. LG, RCA, Toshiba. Gaming Bill Gates … may be replaced by flash
Network. Sony PS3 (integrated), Electronic memory or Internet. Dual-disc /
Arts (EA). Microsoft Xbox 360 (external). Dual-player LG Super Multi Blue Player and
6. Strategic Computing. Drive Supports playback of both formats
8Security, Durability & Other. Disc Available now for $1,199 Warner Bros.
Aperture Settings. DVD 0.6 HD DVD 0.65 Total HD Single disc compatible with both
Blu-ray 0.85. Digital Rights Management players Available 3Q 2007 Costs marginally
Blu-ray promises BD+, which allows more than current discs. 17. Strategic
encryption keys to be modified when they Computing.
are hacked AACS is the copy protection 19Thank You. Blu-ray is positioned to
scheme used by both HD DVD & Blu-ray. win the format war because Stronger sales
Took years to develop, but broken in in the US and Japan Larger studio network
weeks. Blu-ray more prone to error due to providing film content (promise of
high aperture Without protective superior security BD+) PS3 integrated
hard-coating, Blu-ray is easier to scratch Blu-ray players Larger capacity of 25GB
(data layer is closer to surface). 7. (vs 15GB) Questions & Answers. 18.
Strategic Computing. Strategic Computing.
High-definition DVD Format Wars.ppt
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High-definition DVD Format Wars

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