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Windows Explorer’s Folders Pane
Windows Explorer’s Folders Pane
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Автор: Rich Malloy. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока информатики, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Introduction to Microsoft Word.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 349 КБ.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

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1Introduction to Microsoft Word. Rich 22possible combinations 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X
Malloy Tech Help Today 203-862-9411 2 X 2 X 2 = 256 Code: “A” = 01000001 (65
malloy@techhelptoday.com. decimal) “B” = 01000010 (66), etc. etc.
2Welcome. Course: Intro to Microsoft 23The Kilobyte. Computers speak binary
Word Facilities at Greenwich High School. numbers: 256 X 2 = 512 512 X 2 = 1024 1
3Goal of the Course. To learn about Kilobyte (KB) = 1,024 bytes or 8 Kb
Microsoft Word To learn how to create some Approximately equal to 1,000 bytes.
common documents To find out the best 24Bunches of Bytes. Megabyte (MB) =
approaches for further learning. 1,024 KB = 1,048,576 bytes ? 1,000,000
4Schedule. 9:00 am ? ~ 4:00 pm bytes Gigabyte (GB) = 1,024 MB =
10-minute breaks approx. every hour Lunch: 1,073,741,824 bytes ? a billion bytes.
12:00 – 1:00 pm Practice, practice, 25Files. A collection of information Any
practice at home. kind of information Size: 0 bytes to
5Your Instructor: Rich Malloy. Computer several gigabytes Unique name Filename
Consultant – Tech Help Today, Greenwich extension.
Adjunct Prof., Norwalk Community College 26All Files Stored on Disks. Floppies
Microsoft-certified Expert, Word 2002 Hard disks Compact Discs (CDs) DVDs USB
Former Editor in Chief, Mobile Computing Flash Memory Disks “Thumb drives,” “Memory
magazine. sticks” Function as disks.
6References. Handouts Web sites: 27Filename Extensions.
www.microsoft.com/office/word Official Thank_you_letter-2. .doc. .jpg. .txt. A
Microsoft site http://word.mvps.org/ — Typical Filename: Extension.
"Most Valuable Professionals" — 28Organizing Files into Folders. Disks
actual users Google: “Interactive Guide can be divided into folders Folders can be
Windows”. divided into subfolders Subfolders can be
7Software Needed. A recent version of divided into more subfolders Etc., etc.
Microsoft Word: MS Word 2000 MS Word 2002 ...
(Office XP) MS Word 2003 MS Word 2007 29Organizing Files: Strategy. Keep
Computer Lab uses Word 2007. related files in same folder Why? Easy to
8Buying Microsoft Word. Word 2003 Not find Keep all data folders in My Documents
available anymore Word 2007 New: $197 Why? Again, easy to find Easy to back-up
Upgrade: $90 — Amazon. your data.
9Microsoft Office Standard (includes 30Windows Explorer’s Folders Pane. Click
Word, Excel, PowerPt). Office 2003 Not the Folders button. To make the Folders
available anymore Office 2007 New: $325 Pane appear.
Upgrade: $200 — Amazon. 31Moving vs. Copying. Moving: Removes
10? Best Deal ? Microsoft Office 2007 item from one place Places it in another
for Students & Teachers (includes Copying: Results in two copies of item.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, but no Outlook) Copying:
Amazon: $119 !! 32Back-Up Your Data! Do this every month
11Learning Word. The best way to learn – Open My Documents Click Edit | Select All
use it Use it with something important to Right-Click a file Choose Send To | CD-RW
you Personal correspondence Explore with Drive Insert CD-R disk Right click and
the Help feature Become a Certified select Write these files.
Specialist Certified by Microsoft For more 33Typing in Microsoft Word. How to Enter
info: www.microsoft.com/traincert/. Text as Painlessly as Possible.
12Word: Different Versions. MS Word 2000 34Before You Type: Plan. Why Plan?
MS Word 2002 (XP) MS Word 2003 Minimal Efficiency Usually faster if you plan
changes from 2002 MS Word 2007 Major first Easier to read Because better
changes in user interface. organized.
13When to Use Word. Most paper-based 35How to Plan. Think of what you want to
documents Letters Simple tables Simple say Organize your material logically State
brochures and publications Email Outlook each point clearly.
usually uses Word as its editor Simple Web 36Touch-Typing. Makes life a lot easier
pages / Blogs. Mavis Bacon’s Typing software -- $18.
14When NOT to Use Word. Complex 37Start Microsoft Word. Click Start
publications Instead use Microsoft Click All Programs Click Microsoft Office
Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, or Quark Click Microsoft Office Word 2007.
Complex tables Use Microsoft Excel Complex 38
Web pages Use Microsoft Front Page. 39Ribbons. No more menus No more
15The Plan for This Course. Managing toolbars.
Files & Entering Text Editing a 40Views. Print Layout Web Layout Outline
Document Formatting a Document Formatting Full Screen Reading Draft.
Reports Power Tips — Your call. 41Show/Hide Button (¶). Toggle Shows or
16What’s Inside Your PC? Background. Hides certain characters Paragraph marks -
17Hardware. Processor Memory (RAM) Hard ¶· Spaces - ······· Tabs - ?
Disk (Hard Drive) Other Disks (CDs, DVDs). 42
18Memory Vs. Hard Disk. Analogy: 43AutoCorrect. Automatically corrects
Bookshelves and Desk Compare: Hard Disk mistakes Also can expand an abbreviation
and Memory More memory usually increases Example: teh (c). ? the. ? ©.
speed. 44AutoComplete. Also called AutoText
19File Management 101. A Very Brief Automatically completes words Example:
Review. Febr Wedn. ? February. ? Wednesday.
20Questions: What has no weight? No 45
size? And it’s often invisible? 46REVIEW.
21The Bit. The basic unit of information 47Views of a Document? Print Layout
Binary (that is, two states) On or Off; 1 Draft.
or 0 Example: Light switch, Coin By 48Special Keys. Ctrl + Home Ctrl + End.
itself, relatively useless Powerful when 49Auto-Something. teh ? the ? febr ?
grouped as bitstreams: February ?
010101001100010110101001010010... 50The Show/Hide Button. What does it
22The Byte. 8 bits grouped together 256 show/hide? What does it look like?
Introduction to Microsoft Word.ppt
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Introduction to Microsoft Word

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