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Slide Layout
Slide Layout
Practice: Getting Started
Practice: Getting Started
Practice: Select a Template
Practice: Select a Template
Slide View
Slide View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Sorter View
Format Background
Format Background
Format Color Scheme
Format Color Scheme
Practice: Adding Content
Practice: Adding Content
Practice: Adding Content
Practice: Adding Content
Practice: Manipulating Objects
Practice: Manipulating Objects
Layering Objects
Layering Objects
Insert Picture
Insert Picture
Animating slides
Animating slides
Custom Animation: Timing
Custom Animation: Timing
Custom Animation: Effects
Custom Animation: Effects
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Slide Show
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Автор: Matthias Rauterberg. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока информатики, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Introduction to Mid-Fi Prototyping with PowerPoint.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 577 КБ.

Introduction to Mid-Fi Prototyping with PowerPoint

содержание презентации «Introduction to Mid-Fi Prototyping with PowerPoint.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Introduction to Mid-Fi Prototyping 30presentation.
with PowerPoint. Matthias Rauterberg © TU 31Practice: Adding Content. Add points
Eindhoven 2002. to each of your slides by clicking in the
2Mid-Fidelity Prototyping (MFP). Please text area and typing. To Add text, choose
read the following text as an introduction Insert > Text Box, draw the box
in mid-fi[delity] prototyping using boundaries, and begin typing. When you hit
PowerPoint [URL] Example-1: Dr Health return on a list slide, a new bullet will
Hospital [URL] Example-2: E-Commerce [URL] appear. Use the tab key if you want to
Example-3: CD-player [URL]. create a sub-entry like this one. Use This
3What PowerPoint will not do. It will Button to quickly add a text box. Use This
not replace having to think It will not Button to add Clip Art.
eliminate the need for planning and 32Inserting Objects. Use Insert >
designing with paper and pen It will not Picture for a graphic. Choose Insert >
make the students ‘smarter’ It will not Picture > Clip Art. Choose Insert >
take over from the teacher’s many roles It Object for other MS objects. For scanned
is not indispensable It will not make your images, select “Adobe Photoshop Image”
world dissolve if you do not use it. To from the dialog under Insert > Object.
get a full animated impression of this 33Manipulating Objects. To move, click
tutorial, please download the PPT and run in the center of the object to select,
it from your computer! hold and move. To resize, click on one of
4New presentation (1). To open an the handles and resize. To delete, click
existing Presentation: 1 Open MS PPT 2 to select and hit the delete key.
Select Open an existing presentation 3 34Practice: Manipulating Objects. Resize
Select the presentation and press OK Click or scale the object on your title page.
in the area “Click to add title” to add Move the object to the place on the page
Title to add title Click in the area you want it to be. Your image must show
“Click to add text” to add Text. the white squares in order to move or
5Use this to start a new presentation. resize. Click on the center of the image
This is where you will open a presentation to make these appear. To keep the
you have already saved. Choose OK when proportions of the shape, only resize by
finished. When you open PowerPoint this is clicking and dragging the corner markers.
what you will see…. 35Layering Objects. To control the
6New presentation (2). Inserting a new layering of objects, choose Draw (lower
Slide: 1 Select New Slide from the Insert left button) > Order > Send to Back
Menu 2 Select the Bulleted List Slide or Send to Front. To rotate, choose Draw
Layout Formatting Text Using Outline: 1 > Rotate or Flip. Tip: Right click (or
Select The Outline View and Type 2 Use the Control click on MAC) to see the order
Promote, Demote icons to indent and create menu.
new slides. 36Practice: Objects. Take a few minutes
7Slide Layout. Choose a slide layout to arrange or delete the object we have
from the “New Slide” dialog box. Choose been experimenting with. If you have time,
Your Slide Type: Bullet List 2 Columns Of insert appropriate clip art elsewhere in
Lists With or Without Chart With or your presentation.
Without Picture or other variations. Title 37Insert Picture. Insert > Picture.
Slide Selected. Use Clip Art to select from a database of
8What are Auto-layout slides? images. Use “From File” to select your own
PowerPoint provides users with a choice of saved image files. Or insert Movies,
some commonly used slide formats Each Charts, Tables, or Objects.
slide is made up of one or more frames or 38Practice: Insert Clip Art. Go to any
boxes There are text frames, pictures slide. Go to Insert > Picture > Clip
frames, chart frames, etc. These frames Art. Use the category list to browse kinds
are pre-formatted to certain fonts, sizes of clip art. Click on a picture you would
and alignments, but they can be changed to like to include. Click on “Insert.”.
suit the user Each time a new slide is 39Animation. Each slide is made up of a
required, go to the Insert menu and choose number of parts/frames Animation is the
New slide. tool which gives you control over the way
9When Power Point begins it will ask your slide appears on the screen.
what type of auto-layout slide to insert 40Slide Transition. This tool controls
first. Title Slide. Blank Slide. Slide the way the whole slide appears on the
Description. screen Each slide in a presentation can
10Practice: Getting Started. Open appear in a different way To do this you
Microsoft PowerPoint. Choose “Template” need to view all your slides in the slide
from opening dialog box. You will see a sorter Go to the VIEW menu and choose the
series of menu tabs. Slide Sorter option Click once on the
11Practice: Select a Template. To use a slide on which you want to use the slide
template, click on the tab labeled. transition.
“Presentation Designs” and choose a 41Slide Transition - continued. Go to
template. To choose a blank presentation, the SLIDE SHOW menu Choose the Slide
click on “Blank Presentation” under the Transition option You are given a number
“General” tab. File > New > General. of effects to choose from You can select
12Design Templates. Select Design an effect and preview it before deciding
Template: 1 Select Template 2 Select Slide one you like Then click on the Apply
Layout PowerPoint Views: Normal View, button to activate this on the selected
Slide Sorter, Slide show view, Notes slide, or Apply All to apply it to all the
Pages. slides in your presentation.
13Whenever you see a double arrow you 42Transitions. Slide Show > Slide
can click it for additional buttons that Transition. Transitions are effects for
you don’t see on the toolbar. Save. print. moving from slide to slide You can choose
Italics. open. Font. Font size. Bold. different transitions for each slide,
Underline. New. “Apply to All” the same transition effect,
14These are other helpful tools. Cut: or choose “random” to vary effects. You
This is used to cut things out of your can also control the speed of the
project. Copy: this is used to copy from transition – choose slow to “Fade” into
one portion of your project to another. each slide Choose “Automatically After” to
Paste: When you cut or copy something from automate your slide show; each slide
your project, it is put on an “imaginary” appears for X seconds.
clipboard. The paste button retrieves it 43Practice: Transitions. Click on the
from the clipboard and places it in your “Slide Sorter View” button. Double-click
project. the slide to which you want to assign a
15New Slide : This button on the toolbar transition. This will return you to Slide
will allow us to add more sides to the View. Choose Slide Show > Slide
presentation. Most of the other buttons Transitions, and select a transition.
are towards the bottom of the screen. 44Animating slides. Each slide is made
Various Shapes line arrow rectangles oval of one or more frames of text, pictures,
text box text art clipart. Fill Color Line sounds View one slide in the normal view
Color Font Color Line Width Line Type Go to the SLIDE SHOW menu and choose
Arrow Type Shadow 3-D. Custom Animation This displays all the
16If forget what the icons are: If you separate elements/frames in this slide.
move your cursor over any icon on the 45Custom Animation. Click on one
screen and leave the mouse there for a element. E.g.: Text 1 This gets
second, the name of what the icon highlighted in the preview box Click on
represents will appear. the Effects tag This gives you a number of
17Slide View. Lower left buttons. effects to choose from Select the one you
Highlight words and then delete or cut and want and use Preview to see what it will
paste. Use right scroll bar to move from look like Then move to the next element
slide to slide. You can change font size, and repeat the process.
style, and type just like you would in 46Animations. Animations change how
Microsoft Word. You can insert clip art or objects, text boxes, and pictures appear
graphics that you have scanned. You can in your slide. You can choose a “Preset
also insert sounds, movies, and animation. Animation” or design a “Custom Animation”
18Slide Sorter View. Tiny-squares button from the “Slide Show” menu. Slide Show
on lower left. View mini-icons of slides. > Custom Animation.
Easily view and create transitions and 47Custom Animation: Timing. Check the
animations. Another way to reorder and boxes next to the objects you want to
insert slides. View All Slides in Slide animate. They appear below in the
Sorter View. Animation Order box – you can change the
19Saving a presentation. Saving a order using the arrows to the right.
Presentation: 1 Select Save or Save as Choose “Preview” to see how the animation
from File menu 2 Specify location 3 Type will appear. Choose “On mouse click” to
in the desired Filename 4 Click Save PPT control when animation appears or choose
Help Features: Select the Office assistant “Automatically” and insert a number of
under the Help Menu or press F1 KEY. seconds.
20Working with Text. WORD ART. Examples: 48Custom Animation: Effects. Select each
Show card, comic sans RED, PURPLE Left, object in the top window, then select an
centred, right, justified. It is basically animation from the drop-down list in the
like a word processor Various fonts and boxes below. Choose “Grouped By” greater
sizes Font colours Word Art Alignments than “1st” to make text appear in
Bullets and numbering Tables. hierarchal order rather than all at once.
21Working with pictures and sounds. 49Practice: Animations. Make sure you
PICTURES Go to the INSERT menu Choose are in the Slide Sorter View. Double-click
Picture from… ClipArt or File Clip Art the slide to which you want to assign an
gives you a selection File…you have to animation. This will return you to Slide
find the picture file you want to use. View. Select an object on the slide.
SOUNDS Go to the INSERT menu Choose Movies Choose Slide Show > Custom Animation,
and Sounds (in PowerPoint 2000) from… and pick an effect.
Sound Gallery gives you a selection Sound 50Slide Show menu. This will run your
file…you have to find the sound file you show. This will have you set up animations
have recorded or saved and want to use. with the objects on your slide. This
22Format Background. Format > allows you to change the transitions
Background . . . Click on the drop-down between slides.
menu and see the set of colors suggested 51Viewing the slide show. After creating
for your scheme. Choose “More Colors” for your slides, go to the VIEW menu and
more solids or “Fill Effects” for choose Slide Show When the first element
patterns. in the first slide loads on screen you
23Practice: Background. Go to Format will need to click once on the left mouse
> Background. Click on the down arrow button to proceed to the next step Click
on the drop-down list box to choose a new on the mouse to progress through the
color. Clicking on “Apply” modifies a presentation Press the ESC key (top left
particular slide; “Apply to all” modifies of keyboard) to exit a presentation at any
the entire presentation. Note: Some time Clicking on the SLIDE SHOW menu and
templates use background graphics. If you Set Up Show option allows you to select
can’t see changes, click on “Omit the slides you want to view.
background graphics from master.”. 52Record Automatic slide timings. You
24Slide background colors. The default can set the slides to run continuously and
background color of your slide is white automatically Firstly, complete creating
You can change this to a different color, the slides, setting slide transitions and
a pattern or a design template Go to the animations Go to the SLIDE SHOW menu and
FORMAT menu and choose Background… Click choose Rehearse Timings The first slide
on the down arrow button next to the appears on screen Click the left mouse
narrow box for a selection of colors. button to proceed to the next step At the
25Background colors. The FORMAT menu – next viewing of the slides you can choose
Slide Color Scheme, has some pre-set to save the timings or rehearse new
options for background and text colors The timings New timings can be recorded at a
FORMAT menu – Apply Design Template, gives later stage as well.
you some picture designs for the 53Run slide show continuously. Go to the
background of the slides WARNING !! SLIDE SHOW menu Choose Set Up Show Select
Removing and/or changing a Design Template the “Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’” box,
is almost impossible! Choose wisely. then click on OK The slide show will now
26Editing Style and Color. Choose Format run repeatedly until the ESC key on the
> Background to change background color keyboard is pressed.
and shading. Click the down arrow on 54Slide Show. Last button on lower left.
drop-down list box for color and fill Preview your presentation. Use the “Enter”
effects options. Click on “Fill Effects” or arrow keys or click the mouse click to
to customize the background with lighting, advance through your presentation. Press
textures, and patterns. The “Preview” “ESC” to exit the show and return to your
button allows you to try out your changes editing.
before you commit to them. Format > 55Practice: Preview. Click on the “Slide
Slide Color Scheme to change text, accent, Show” button. View your entire
and line colors and to create shadows. presentation, thinking about your
27Format Color Scheme. Format > Slide transitions and animations.
Color Scheme. Click on the “Custom” tag to 56Printing Presentations, Part 1. Go to
select alternate colors for standard the File menu and choose Print Make sure
features. You can apply these selections the box marked “Pure Black and White” at
to all of your slides or just the active the bottom of the screen is checked.
one. 57Printing Presentations, Part 2. Under
28Practice: Color Scheme. Click on the Pull Down menu “Print What,” there are
Format > Slide Color Scheme. Click on several options: Slides (choose without
the “Custom” tab to alter colors for animations) will print one slide to a page
individual elements; choose the “Standard” (good for making transparencies of your
tab to select pre-defined schemes. slides). Handouts (2, 3, or 6 sides per
Double-click on the colored square labeled page) prints mini-versions of your slides
“Text and lines.” Choose a new color. on the left with blank lines for notes on
Click on “Preview”; then click on “Apply” the right. (Good for a presentation where
to accept. people may want the ability to take
29Action Buttons. Use Action Buttons if notes). Notes will print out the notes
you want the viewer to be able to move you’ve written for yourself to accompany
backward and forwards between slides Go to your slides. Outline prints the text of
the SLIDE SHOW menu and choose Action your slides in a linear outline format.
Buttons The forward and backward buttons 58Useful links to relevant information.
act like hyperlinks This means that when Introduction to Power Point [URL] Other
you click on them, the action will take Power Point Tutorials [URL] STEVEN BELL'S
you back to the previous or next slide. PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
30Moving Through Presentations. Use the Resource Page [URL]. If this tutorial does
down arrow or “Enter” key or a mouse click not provide sufficient information to you,
to move forward through a presentation. Up please try one of the following
arrow returns to the previous slide. Type references...
a number followed by the “Enter” key to 59Conclusion. There are many other
jump to a particular slide. The “B” key features available in this program Trial
temporarily blacks out the screen. The and error – although very stressful - is a
arrows in the lower left corner of the very good teacher Necessity is the mother
screen provide menu options such as a pen of invention GOOD LUCK! Once again...
to highlight particular points in your
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Introduction to Mid-Fi Prototyping with PowerPoint

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