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1. PPT animation: PI TURNOVER
1. PPT animation: PI TURNOVER
1. Clutch Model for Cell Crawling -tough for students to follow
1. Clutch Model for Cell Crawling -tough for students to follow
2. Method: Freeze Fracture (what is E face and P face
2. Method: Freeze Fracture (what is E face and P face
2. Method: Freeze Fracture (what is E face and P face
2. Method: Freeze Fracture (what is E face and P face
4. Apoptosis… too much in one figure so cover part (use Draw toolbar,
4. Apoptosis… too much in one figure so cover part (use Draw toolbar,
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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1PowerPoint using Animation or Video—A 19http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/cell.sw
How To. The old days: Static overheads, .
bad handwriting, scribbles for drawings, 203. From Devel. Biol: The Wnt Pathway:
students waiting impatiently while you 1.Extracellular ligand Wnt binding to its
take forever to carefully thread the membrane receptor (frizzled) followed by
projector. Then the initial PowerPoint activation of the receptor. 2. The
breakthrough- and the the students waiting receptor in turn activates (shown by ?)
impatiently while you take forever to the intracellular protein disheveled 3.
minimize PPT and carefully open a separate which then inhibits (==|) glycogen
program to show a digital video…. Today: synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3). 4. Once GSK-3
now it is more seemless; one click and the is inhibited, it can no longer induce the
video starts playing…WHAT A RELIEF! AND WE destruction of beta-catenin. OR (wow! I am
CAN MAKE OUR OWN ANIMATIONS to replace using visual aid!!)- From Developmental
static overheads or slides. Biology by Gilbert: Wnt ? Frizzled ?
2My FCQs scores have increased in part Disheveled ==|GSK-3 ==|Beta-catenin.
due to incorporating animations & Students this Wnt leads to inhibition of
video in PowerPoint lectures. Clarity and beta-catenin.
increased student comprehension see data 21FLASH animation of Wnt Path (from Dr.
in, more details: Randy Moon, Univ Wash).
http://www.lifescied.org/cgi/content/full/ http://faculty.washington.edu/rtmoon/movie
/3/181?maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10& /cell.swf Not perfect, but emphasizes that
mp;RESULTFORMAT=&author1=Stith%2C+BJ&a Wnt leads to increased Beta Catenin… This
p;andorexactfulltext=and&searchid=1&am is one FLASH animation that you can steal
;FIRSTINDEX=0&sortspec=relevance&r and put on your hard drive (note the URL
sourcetype=HWCIT. has a .swf ending; this is a flash file
3Animation and PowerPoint… PowerPoint that is not embedded in a htm file; if the
itself can animate Animated Gif- simple, flash file IS embedded, it is tough to
easy FLASH- complicated, the standard steal it). Rt click on link to save the
Movie/video 3-D animation (like animation. Note that the FLASH file is
Pixar/Disney films)-forget it To insert small – only 42kB.
animation into PPT 2003: go to the Insert 224. Apoptosis… too much in one figure
menu, Point to Movies and Sounds, and then so cover part (use Draw toolbar, alter
click Movie from File. Latest version of transparency)… but still too complicated.
PPT is 2003 (2002, 2000 have fewer 23An .avi animation file on Apoptosis
abilities). path involving Trophic Factors.
4WATCH OUT!! In front of very famous http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/apoptos
people, or faculty-eating students, you s.avi.
find that the talk you made on your office 245. How the Resting Membrane Potential
desktop will not play the video when you develops. [K] is high inside the cell (due
use a laptop in the lecture hall. to the NaK pump) K+ channels are a bit
Animation/movie files are automatically more open than channels of other ions
linked to your presentation but they are (e.g., Na+ and Cl- channels are mostly
not embedded inside it like pictures or closed) K+ moves out of the cell from high
drawings. To embed animation files: Use to low concentration – movement of the +
“Package for CD” under File menu to ion out makes the cytoplasm NEGATIVE (and
include all linked files. Also, a NOW THE TOUGH PART…) K+ EFFLUX STOPS WHEN
PowerPoint Viewer is included by default ELECTRICAL AND CONCENTRATION GRADIENTS ARE
on the CD and will run the packaged EQUAL AND OPPOSITE.
presentations on another computer even if 25Fig. 13-4 Figure from Text (World of
PowerPoint is not installed. Note This the Cell).
feature was called Pack and Go in previous 26Animation of Development of Resting
versions of PowerPoint. (Equilibrium) Membrane Potential. K
51. Use of PowerPoint Animation. Channels open, K+ moves due to DIFFUSION
Tutorial: FORCE (see arrow). Then the developing
http://office.microsoft.com/training/train membrane potential FIGHTS further K
ng.aspx?AssetID=RC060786731033 To insert a movement. THIS IS THE ELECTRICAL FORCE. At
link to the web…go to web site, copy the end of the animation, K is in
(Ctl-C) and then paste (Ctl-V) into slide. equilibrium (diffusion and electrical
Then highlight link and go to Insert, and forces are equal and opposite). THE
then Hyperlink Need wifi for your laptop ANIMATION SHOWS THE SHRINKING OF THE
(don’t trust classroom cable). DIFFUSION FORCE (arrow shrinks in size)
Src. E.R. PIP2. DAG. P-. OH. P-. P-. Sperm grows) UNTIL THE TWO ARROWS ARE EQUAL and
Receptor. IP3. IP3 Receptor. Ca2+. OPPOSITE. Click here for the animated gif
72. Animated GIF-. Though not (100 KB).
technically movies, animated GIFs contain 27Animations are not needed for all
multiple images which stream to create an static illustrations… Animations do not
animation effect. An animated GIF can loop produce miracles; but studies suggest an
endlessly are not scalable, and can increase of 15-20% in correct answers on
produce very large files. However, gif certain questions when animation was used
animations are much easier to develop than (questions on topics involving motion,
those with FLASH To view them, you have to location within cell, multiple steps, etc)
use Internet Explorer not a picture viewer Are we all (in part) visual learners?
(right click on gif file and choose use of 28Remember that you can often take
Int Explorer). animations off the web; Google search with
8Examples… Dr. Donald Slish of State key word and “animation” Right click on
University of New York–Plattsburgh has the animation link and select Save Target
discussed their use (Slish, 2000) and As or Save Picture As to put on your hard
provides many useful examples drive.
(http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/donald.sli http://faculty.plattsburgh.edu/donald.slis
h/animations.html). In addition, Dr. Steve /animations.html Does not work if you save
Berg of Winona State University maintains htm file not original swf or gif file (try
a large number of gif animations for cell using MS Front Page).
biology 29Vocabulary AVI- Windows AVI provides
(http://bio.winona.msus.edu/berg/ANIMTNS/D the capability to develop animation files
rectry.htm). that can be included in multimedia
9Because of the value of the animation, presentations and as part of WWW pages.
the ease of development of gif animation, The files (which end with an .avi
and the skills developed while teaching extension) require a special player.
other students, some biology instructors compression- method for making file size
have made development of a simple gif smaller and therefore easier/quicker to
animation into a required exercise. Free transfer GIF- (Graphics Interchange
trial of “Gif animator” by Ulead. Format) developed by Compuserve. standard
http://www.ulead.com/download/download.htm image format (along with JPEG) for the
103. The Standard: Macromedia's FLASH WWW.Technically, a GIF uses the 2D raster
(http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/ data type, is encoded in binary, and uses
examples LZW compression. There are two versions of
http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/cellcra the format, 87a and 89a. Version 89a
ling.swf (July, 1989) allows for the possibility of
http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/fert%20 an animated GIF, which is a short sequence
ave.swf; of images within a single GIF file. A
11Post FLASH animation to web site, then GIF89a can also be specified for
put a link to the web site in your PPT interlaced presentation. JPEG- is a
slide OR if animation file on your hard graphic image created by choosing from a
drive… Right click on animation file and range of compression qualities. When you
select “Create Shortcut” Right click on create a JPEG or convert an image from
Shortcut, click Properties, and copy the another format to a JPEG, you are asked to
address line (highlighted in blue) (Ctl-C) specify the quality of image you want.
Add link to PPT slide and remove Since the highest quality results in the
quotation“ marks- click on it to show largest file, you can make a trade-off
animation- Highlight and click “Insert,” between image quality and file size.
then “Hyperlink” then insert copied Formally, the JPEG file format is ISO
address (removing any “) C:\Documents and standard 10918. Kb- kilobyte a measure of
Settings\Owner\Desktop\BRAD\endo computer memory or storage, a kilobyte (KB
exocytosis.swf See also: or Kbyte*) is approximately a thousand
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistan bytes (actually, 2 to the 10th power, or
e/HA010348071033.aspx. decimal 1,024 bytes). Mb- megabyte as a
12You make a starting figure and and measure of computer processor storage and
ending figure, and the program makes all real and virtual memory, a megabyte
“in between” animation shapes (abbreviated MB) is 2 to the 20th power
("tweening“) FLASH can rapidly import bytes, or 1,048,576 bytes in decimal
a series of photomicrographs to produce a notation. morph- artificial animation by
time-lapse movie (see the FLASH swf movie running a sequence of images together.
embedded in the following Web site: MPEG- (Moving Picture Experts Group) a
http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/waverot movie format.MPEG (pronounced EHM-pehg),
htm (right click on video to control it). the Moving Picture Experts Group, develops
TAKES LOT OF TIME (tough to learn, 10 standards for digital video and digital
hours effort per one minute animation) – audio compression. It operates under the
students from Coll Arts Media can help… To auspices of the International Organization
play FLASH animations, you need a plug in: for Standardization (ISO). The MPEG
the Shockwave player, and it is free standards are an evolving series, each
(http://sdc.shockwave.com/shockwave/downlo designed for a different purpose. (Note
d/download.cgi?&P5_Language=English). that .mp3 file suffixes indicate MP3
13PowerPoint and “Movies”. (MPEG-1 audio layer-3) files, not MPEG-3
"Movies" are desktop video files standard files.) You can download
with formats such as AVI, QuickTime, and shareware or commercial MPEG players from
MPEG, and file extensions such as .avi, a number of sites on the Web.For
.mov, .qt, .mpg, and .mpeg. You cannot add additional information, see About MPEG on
a clip from a DVD to your PPT show unless the official MPEG Committee Web site. An
you use another program such as PFCMedia. illustrated Overview of the MPEG-4 Version
14Video of lab procedure, clip from 1 Standard is available. Plug-in-
popular movie, or science film. Tape movie applications are programs that can easily
from TV on VHS or directly by digital be installed and used as part of your Web
movie camera (copy from DVD….) Transfer to browser. A plug-in application is
computer through iLINK Edit on computer; recognized automatically by the browser
add title, cuts, dissolves, etc. Movie and its function is integrated into the
Maker software for Windows XP is available main HTML file that is being presented.
free from Microsoft. Transfer to laptop PNG-A patent-free replacement for the GIF,
for classroom: burn onto CD (choose file the PNG format, has been developed by an
type- mpeg) or DVD (stand alone- not Internet committee and major browsers will
linked to PPT) If a mpeg file on hard soon be supporting it. Quicktime- is a
drive, use a Link in a PPT slide. multimedia development, storage, and
15Don’t expect Hollywood quality; files playback technology from Apple for all
are huge see Lorenzo’s Oil clip…… You can platforms that combine sound, text,
test a movie to see if it will play in animation, and video in a single file.
PPT- test with Windows Media Player. If Using a Quicktime player that either comes
the movie doesn't play, Windows Media with a WWW browser or can be downloaded
Player gives you detailed error messages from Apple or the browser company, you can
and a Help link that can help you view and control brief multimedia
troubleshoot the problem. sequences. Quicktime files can be
161. Clutch Model for Cell Crawling recognized by their file name extensions:
-tough for students to follow. qt, mov, and moov. Shockwave- developed by
17FLASH Animation shows motion…. Macromedia, is a family of multimedia
(developed after taking a couple of FLASH players. WWW users can download the
courses…but like a foreign language, if Shockwave players (Windows and Mac) from
you don’t use it daily, the animation the Macromedia site and use it to display
takes forever….). and hear Shockwave files. streaming- means
http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~bstith/cellcra that movies or sounds play as they arrive
ling.swf. and you do not have to wait until the
182. Method: Freeze Fracture (what is E complete file downloads to view of hear.
face and P face? From same cell? 30End.
19FLASH Animation showing two cells are 31PP2 SRC INHIBITOR PP3 AS A CONTROL.
shown in Freeze Fracture… (developed with PLC? Src. IP3. E.R. PIP2. Sperm Receptor.
Coll Arts & Media Student Arthur Lam). IP3. IP3 Receptor.
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