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Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Web App Training
Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Web App Training
Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Web App Training
Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Web App Training
Join Online Meeting Experience
Join Online Meeting Experience
Join Online Meeting Experience Flowchart
Join Online Meeting Experience Flowchart
Lync Web App Join Experience
Lync Web App Join Experience
How to Invite Additional Participants
How to Invite Additional Participants
How to Start Application Sharing
How to Start Application Sharing
How to Start Application Sharing
How to Start Application Sharing
How to Obtain Client-Side Logs
How to Obtain Client-Side Logs
How to Obtain Client-Side Logs
How to Obtain Client-Side Logs
Back to Objectives
Back to Objectives
Back to Objectives
Back to Objectives
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Microsoft Lync 2010 Web App Training

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1Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Web App 9the top of screen to end sharing.
Training. 10How to Obtain Client-Side Logs. Back
2Objectives. This course introduces the to Objectives. For advanced
Microsoft Lync Web App and covers the troubleshooting or escalation procedures,
following topics: Lync Web App Overview client-side logs can be obtained from the
Join Online Meeting Experience Invite Lync Web App. Note: Client-side logs are
Additional Participants Start Application captured in .log format and can be read
Sharing Obtain Client-Side Logs Appendix. with any text editor such as Notepad.exe.
3Overview. Lync Web App provides a How to Obtain Client-Side Logs Click the
browser based alternative for joining a Options menu. Click Options. Confirm Turn
Lync Online Meeting. Lync Web App requires on Logging is enabled. (enabled by
a Microsoft Silverlight-enabled browser. default) Click Save Logs. Type a file name
It offers a similar Online Meeting for logs, and then click Save. File name
experience as the Lync 2010 client. can be anything that helps you remember
However, participants don’t have to what it is. As a recommendation, name the
install additional software to attend and file using the Customer Service Request
participate in an Online Meeting. If you (SR) number. Examples: SR0000999.log Lync
intend to present and perform desktop Web App Log mm-dd-yy.log. Click Options
sharing, you must install an additional menu to access the client-side log or
sharing plug-in. Silverlight Anyone using clear personal information options.
a Silverlight-supported browser and 11Review. This course introduced the
operating system with an Internet Microsoft Lync Web App and covered the
connection can join a Lync Online Meeting following topics: Lync Web App Overview
without installing the Lync client or Lync Join Online Meeting Experience Invite
Attendee client. Silverlight is a Additional Participants Start Application
cross-browser and cross-platform browser Sharing Obtain Client-Side Logs Appendix.
plug-in that helps deliver applications Back to Objectives.
and experiences on the web. During the Web 12Appendix. Back to Objectives.
App Join experience, the participant’s 13Lync Web App Terms. Back to
browser automatically searches for the Objectives. Attendees can only view
Silverlight installation and prompts the content. Attendees are not allowed to
user to install it if necessary. Or, you share content/files/desktop/whiteboard.
can install Silverlight from here: Attendees can invite other contacts to a
http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=217 meeting. Includes all Attendee privileges.
10. Back to Objectives. Presenters can share desktop/applications.
4Join Online Meeting Experience. The Presenters can upload content and save
following section introduces you to the content locally. Presenters can create
Join Online Meeting experience for Lync whiteboards. Presenters can admit people
Web App. The following slides display a from lobby. Presenter can eject other
visual workflow and demonstration of this participants except the Organizer.
experience. The participant may receive Presenter can promote Attendees. Presenter
on-screen prompts to install Silverlight can demote other presenters except
or allow a pop-up, and their computer does Organizer. Presenters can mute other
the rest. Back to Objectives. participants. Presenters may have the
5Join Online Meeting Experience ability to browse content. Presenters can
Flowchart. Joining an Online Meeting by lock a meeting. Has all the privileges of
using Lync Web App requires minimal clicks Presenters. Organizer cannot be ejected
to get participants connected quickly. from a conference. Organizer cannot be
Back to Objectives. No. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. demoted. Organizer can never be made to
No. wait in the Lobby. There is no special
6Lync Web App Join Experience. These icon or text indicating an organizer role
instructions explain how to join and in roster. The role of organizer is not
connect to the audio portion of an Online transferable, which means there is no
Meeting. Note: Silverlight is required. concept of “promote to organizer.”. Term.
Join Experience Open the Online Meeting Definition. Meeting Attendees. Meeting
invitation. Click Join online meeting Presenters. Meeting Organizer. Meeting
hyperlink or manually copy/paste the Participants. Collective term for
meeting URL into a browser. Join as a Presenter, Organizers, and Attendees.
guest or use corporate credentials. Click 14Lync Web App Terms (cont.). Back to
Join as a Guest if you are attending the Objectives. Term. Definition. Roster.
meeting from outside the company. Click Control that enlists Meeting participants.
Join using your corporate credentials if Presenter Lobby. Control that enlists
you have them. Complete on-screen meeting invitees awaiting admission by the
information such as your display name, and Presenter. Meeting Access. Control that
then click Join Meeting. Click the Phone allows Presenters to change Meeting
button on the mode bar. Enter your office admission policies. Meeting Policy.
or cell phone number in Phone Details, and Policies for the meeting that are defined
then click Call Me. Back to Objectives. by the administrator. Meeting Permissions.
7Performing Common Tasks. The following Control that allows Presenters to change
section introduces you to primary actions preset functionalities of Meeting
a participant will complete during an participants during a meeting. Public
Online Meeting. Back to Objectives. Meetings. Meetings where the trust level
8How to Invite Additional Participants. between meeting participants is high.
Additional Participants can be invited by These meetings have the following
the Presenter through the People menu. characteristics: All authenticated users
Invite Participant to Audio Conference are automatically presenters. All
Click the drop-down menu for People. Click federated/ non-federated/ anonymous users
Invite by Phone, and type the are attendees. Private Meetings. Meetings
participant’s phone number. The Online where the access to meeting needs to be
Meeting automatically dials that number controlled. In these meetings, Organizers
and connects the participant to an audio specifically pre-assign presenters and
conference. Invite Participant to Online attendee roles.
Meeting Click Invite by E-mail. Click the 15Back to Objectives. © 2010 Microsoft
Copy All Text button. Open Outlook, and Corporation. All rights reserved.
then click New E-mail. Complete To Microsoft, Exchange ActiveSync, Excel,
recipient information and Subject. Press Lync, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, SQL
Ctrl +V to paste text into body. Click Server, Windows, Windows Live, Windows
Send. Back to Objectives. Mobile, Windows Server, and other product
9How to Start Application Sharing. Back names are or may be registered trademarks
to Objectives. Application Sharing is the and/or trademarks in the United States
primary method of displaying content in an and/or other countries/regions. The
Online Meeting. Presenters can share their information herein is for informational
entire desktop or a single application purposes only and represents the current
such as a PowerPoint presentation. Note: view of Microsoft Corporation as of the
First time users must install the date of this presentation. Because
Application Sharing Plug-in for Lync Web Microsoft must respond to changing market
App. How to Start Application Sharing conditions, it should not be interpreted
Click Share. Click Share your Desktop or to be a commitment on the part of
Program. Click Allow on the warning dialog Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee
box if you are prompted. Click Start the accuracy of any information provided
Sharing. Note: Participants will see all after the date of this presentation.
content surrounded by the green bars. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS,
Click Give Control to share control with IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE
another participant. Click Stop Sharing at INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
Microsoft Lync 2010 Web App Training.ppt
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Microsoft Lync 2010 Web App Training

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