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Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Introduction to Ms Word 2007
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Navigation in a Document
Type Text Into a Document
Type Text Into a Document
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Microsoft Word 2007

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1Microsoft Word 2007 Tools that 7as create a new copy with a new name
Simplify. Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a (*With same name but in different
application software provided by Microsoft location) Choosing "Save" and
Corporation. Microsoft Office Word 2007 then "Save As..." is also a good
helps people create and share way to make a backup of your file.
professional-looking content by combining 8Open and Existing Document. Request a
a comprehensive set of writing tools with Existing document Click the office button
the easy-to-use Microsoft Office Fluent and select Open. Or press Ctrl+O The open
user interface. Office Word 2007 provides dialog box will appears Navigate to the
editing and reviewing tools for creating Document’s Location Navigate to the folder
polished documents more easily than ever in which the document is resides . Open
before. the File Select Document File and Click on
2Introduction to Ms Word 2007. Main Open Button to open the selected file in
Features: Spend more time writing, less Word’s workplace. Edit your document Edit
time formatting - The new Ribbon, a your document using the workspace. Edit
component of the Office Fluent user & Save the document Click the Office
interface, groups your tools by task, and button and select Save or press Ctrl + S
the commands you use most frequently are Choosing "Save" and then
close at hand. Office Word 2007 introduces "Save As..." is also a good way
building blocks for adding preformatted to make a backup of your document
content to your documents. Add (Multiple copies of your document ).
preformatted elements with just a few 9Navigation in a Document. Navigation
clicks It helps us to maintain our with mouse You can use mouse within the
documents in presentable formats. It document to place the insertion point
provides us a wide range of fonts and where you next want to type. Navigation
formats for characters, paragraphs, Using the Arrow Keys Navigation Using the
borders and lines etc. User can make their Home / End keys Page Down/Up Keys Use of
custom format styles instead of using the Tab and Space Bar. 0.5”. 1 Character.
built-in styles. Easily avoid spelling 10Navigation in a Document. Navigation
errors -Microsoft word provides us with go to dialog box Press F5 to open Go
spelling and grammar option in order to To dialog box. The go to dialog box
avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes in enables you to jump to a page, line ,
any document. User can arrange the data bookmark, comment, footnote, endnote,
using the tables. It is highly compatible field, table, graphic etc.
with all other office application software 11Selection in a Document. Selection
such as Ms PowerPoint, Ms Excel etc. using the Arrow Keys Selection using Home
Microsoft Word is a word processing and End keys. To Select This. Mouse
software package. You can use it to type Action. Shift + or Shift +. Select one
letters, research papers, reports, and line at a time. Shift + or Shift +. Select
other documents. one character at a time. Shift + Ctrl + or
3Introduction to Ms Word 2007. The Shift + Ctrl +. Select one word at a time.
Microsoft Office Button In the upper-left Shift + Ctrl + or Shift + Ctrl +. Select
corner of the Word 2007 window is the one paragraph at a time. To Select This.
Microsoft Office button. When you click Mouse Action. Shift + Home. Select from
the button, a menu appears. You can use the insertion point to the beginning of
the menu to create a new file, open an the current line. Shift + End. Select from
existing file, save a file, and perform the insertion point to the end of the
many other tasks. The Quick Access Tool current line. Shift+Ctrl + Home. Select
Bar Next to the Microsoft Office button is from the insertion point to the beginning
the Quick Access toolbar. The Quick Access of the document. Shift + Ctrl + End.
toolbar provides you with access to Select from the insertion point to the end
commands (buttons) you frequently use. By of the document. Ctrl + A. Select the
default Save, Undo, and Redo appear on the entire document, Regard less where is the
Quick Access toolbar. You can use Save to Insertion point.
save your file, Undo to rollback an action 12Selection in a Document. Selection
you have taken, and Redo to reapply an using the Mouse. To Select This. Mouse
action you have rolled back. you can add Action. One word. Double click the word.
and remove buttons (commands) in Quick One sentence. Ctrl + click the sentence.
Access toolbar by Click drop down arrow on One line. Move to the left of text to get
quick access tool bar then click on more right pointing arrow click once. One
commands and then add commands. The Ribbon Paragraph. Triple click/move to the left
You use commands to tell Microsoft Word of text to get right pointing arrow and
what to do. In Microsoft Word 2007, you double click. A large Section of text.
use the Ribbon to issue commands. The Click at the beginning of section, hold
Ribbon is located near the top of the down shift key & click at the end of
screen, below the Quick Access toolbar. At selection. Entire Document. 4
the top of the Ribbon are several tabs; continue(fast) left clicks.
clicking a tab displays several related 13Type Text Into a Document. Position
command groups. Within each group are the insertion point and type text in
related command buttons. You click buttons document Position the insertion point
to issue commands or to access menus and (cursor) Using the navigation (mouse
dialog boxes. You may also find a dialog ,arrow keys, ctrl+ arrow keys, home &
box launcher in the bottom-right corner of end keys, ctrl+home/end keys type text
a group. Clicking the dialog box launcher (using keyboard) in your document. Add
gives you access to additional commands text before other text Insert mode: the
via a dialog box. state of word in which new text you type
4Introduction to Ms Word 2007. is inserted before existing text. Overtype
5Introduction to Ms Word 2007. The mode: the state of word in which new text
Status Bar The Status bar appears at the replaces text as you type. Delete Text
very bottom of your window and provides Press the delete key (which is labeled Del
such information as the current page , on some key boards) to delete one
spell and grammar option and the number of character at time or select text to delete
words in your document. You can change the select text. Ctrl + Delete : Deletes
what displays on the Status bar by text to the end of the current word Ctrl +
right-clicking on the Status bar and Backspace: Deletes text to the beginning
selecting the options you want from the of the current word Save the document
Customize Status Bar menu. You click a Click the Office button and select Save or
menu item to select it. You click it again press Ctrl + S, or Select Save Button from
to deselect it. A check mark next to an Quick Access Toolbar Note: If pressing
item means it is selected. If you insert does not toggle between insert and
highlight an area of text, it will display overtype mode, open advanced options
the number of words in the highlighted window using word option under office
area. View Shortcuts(Toolbar) also on button and select use insert key to
status bar. It lets you choose between control the overtype mode. Or select
print layout, full screen, Web layout, overtype mode as default.
outline and draft views. There's also a 14Edit Document Text. Select Text to
nice addition -- a slider that lets you Work With Hold Down Shift Key, Press arrow
zoom in or out on your document. keys to select text . You can also use
6Introduction to Ms Word 2007. The mouse within the document to select the
Vertical and Horizontal and Vertical text. As you select text, Word highlights
Scroll Bars The vertical and horizontal the text to show exactly what you’ve
scroll bars enable you to move up, down, selected. Display the mini toolbar When
and across your window simply by dragging you select text by dragging your mouse
the icon located on the scroll bar. The over the text from the starting point to
vertical scroll bar is located along the the end of the selection, the mini toolbar
right side of the screen. The horizontal begins to appear. When you move mouse over
scroll bar is located just above the the mini toolbar, word set the toolbar so
status bar. The Mini Toolbar Having to that you can select from it. If you ignore
move back and forth between the Ribbon and the mini toolbar word hides it as you
the body of your document is a big continue working. From mini toolbar, you
time-waster, and annoying to boot. So Word can apply character/ paragraph formatting,
2007 includes the clever mini toolbar. format bulleted text, and shift paragraph
Highlight text and point the cursor at it, right and lift. Copy, Cut and Paste
and a nearly transparent mini toolbar Selected Text.
appears above the text, with a set of 15Tip: You can paste select text into
commands relevant to the text you've another Office program using Clipboard.
chosen. Move your cursor to the mini Question: Where is Copy, Cut and Paste
toolbar and it becomes solid; click a Commands in the Ribbon?
command to use it. For example, as you can 16You can redo an undo! Press Ctrl + Y
see below, if you select text, a mini or click the Redo button in the Quick
toolbar will appear with various Access toolbar to reverse the previous
text-related commands, including font Undo you performed. Undo a previous Edit
face, size and color, indentation, and & Redo an Undo Select Additional Text
list options. using Ctrl Word doesn’t limit you to one
7Create A New Document. Request a New selection at a time. You can select
document Click the office button and multiple blocks of text in your document.
select New. Or press Ctrl+N (No need step After you’ve highlighted to select the
2&3 ) The new document window appears first block of text, hold down the Ctrl
Determine your new document type New key and select another block of text. You
Document window enables you to create a may do this as often as needed to select
blank document or a template Select blank all the text you want to work with as a
document Select Blank Document and Click group. Then use ribbon applicable options
on Create Button Compose your document to format the selected text. Multiple
Create your document using the blank work selections can be useful when you want to
area. Start typing press Enter to end a make similar edits to different parts of
block of text (It would be a paragraph, or your document. Save your document using
list item etc. ) Save your document Click Save your document by pressing Ctrl+S or
the Office button and select Save or press Press F12 for Save as. If you accidentally
Ctrl + S Save your document using save as erase a text or apply formatting you
Remember that Windows will not allow you didn’t want , Press Ctrl + Z or select
to have two files with the exact same name Undo from the Quick Access toolbar word
in the same folder. Save command just save puts the text right back. You can undo
the work in existing document, while save just about any edit you make in word.
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Microsoft Word 2007

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