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Inserting a Graphic (continued)
Inserting a Graphic (continued)
Inserting a Graphic (continued)
Inserting a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Sizing and Scaling a Graphic (continued)
Positioning a Graphic (continued)
Positioning a Graphic (continued)
Positioning a Graphic (continued)
Positioning a Graphic (continued)
Creating a Text Box (continued)
Creating a Text Box (continued)
Creating a Text Box (continued)
Creating a Text Box (continued)
Creating WordArt (continued)
Creating WordArt (continued)
Creating WordArt (continued)
Creating WordArt (continued)
Drawing Shapes (continued)
Drawing Shapes (continued)
Drawing Shapes (continued)
Drawing Shapes (continued)
Creating a Chart (continued)
Creating a Chart (continued)
Creating a Chart (continued)
Creating a Chart (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
Finalizing Page Layout (continued)
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Microsoft Word 2010 - Illustrated

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1Microsoft Word 2010 - Illustrated. 20linking text boxes, you can force text to
Unit F: Illustrating Documents with flow automatically from one text box to
Graphics. another Allows you to size and format the
2Objectives. Insert a graphic Size and text boxes any way you wish Use Create
scale a graphic Position a graphic Create Link button in Text group on Drawing Tools
a text box. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Format tab To break link, use Break Link
Illustrated Complete. button. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
3Objectives (continued). Create WordArt Illustrated Complete.
Draw shapes Create a chart Finalize page 21Creating WordArt. WordArt is a drawing
layout. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - object that contains decorative text
Illustrated Complete. Created using WordArt button in Text group
4Inserting a Graphic. Graphic images on Insert tab Use the commands on the
include clip art, photos, scanned art, and Drawing Tools Format tab to apply
graphics created in other programs Use the formatting, styles, and effects. Microsoft
Picture command in the Illustrations group Office Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete.
(Insert tab) to insert graphics Apply a 22Creating WordArt (continued). Use the
Picture style to enhance a graphic Most Format Text Effects dialog box to change
graphics are bitmap graphics E.g., .bmp, the fill colors and effects of the WordArt
.png, .jpg, .tif, or .gif. Microsoft object. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
Office Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. Illustrated Complete.
5Inserting a Graphic (continued). A 23Creating WordArt (continued).
graphic is inserted as an inline graphic Completed WordArt object. Customized
To position a graphic anywhere on a page, WordArt style. Microsoft Office Word 2010
make it a floating graphic Change inline - Illustrated Complete.
graphic to floating using Wrap Text button 24Creating WordArt (continued). Enhance
(Arrange group) Change a floating graphic an object with styles and effects: Styles
to inline by changing text wrapping style include a preset mixture of effects, such
to In Line with Text. Microsoft Office as shading, borders, and shadows Choose
Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. from the Styles options in the Styles
6Inserting a Graphic (continued). Photo group on the active Format tab Use the
is anchored to the paragraph next to it. Effects command in the Styles group to
Rotate handle. Text wraps around the apply customized effects. Microsoft Office
graphic. Sizing handles. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete.
Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. 25Drawing Shapes. Shapes are rectangles,
7Inserting a Graphic (continued). Use ovals, lines, callouts, stars, etc. that
the Picture Effects button to apply visual you create using the Shapes command
effects such as a shadow, glow, Illustrations group, Insert tab Drag an
reflection, bevel, or 3-D rotation. Use adjustment handle to modify a shape, but
the Format Picture dialog box to adjust not its size. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
the format settings applied to graphic Illustrated Complete.
objects. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - 26Drawing Shapes (continued). Adjustment
Illustrated Complete. handle. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
8Inserting a Graphic (continued). Illustrated Complete.
Commands in the Adjust group: Use the 27Drawing Shapes (continued). Group
Corrections command to adjust brightness multiple shapes into a single object that
and contrast Use the Color command to can be sized, positioned, and formatted
change color saturation and color tone, together. Stacked bevels are grouped. Sun
and to recolor a picture Use the Artistic shape is narrower and filled with gold.
Effects command to make a photo look like Drawing is rotated and positioned.
a drawing or painting. Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated
Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. Complete.
9Sizing and Scaling a Graphic. To 28Drawing Shapes (continued). Creating
change the shape or size of a graphic: an illustration in a drawing canvas:
Drag a sizing handle Use Shape Width and Workspace for creating your graphics
Shape Height text boxes in Size group Provides frame-like boundary between an
(Picture Tools Format tab) Change the illustration and the rest of the document
scale of the graphic using the Size tab in Useful when graphic contains more than one
the Layout dialog box When a graphic is drawing object Click Shapes button
scaled, its height to width ratio remains (Illustrations group), then click New
the same. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Drawing Canvas. Microsoft Office Word 2010
Illustrated Complete. - Illustrated Complete.
10Sizing and Scaling a Graphic 29Creating a Chart. A chart is a visual
(continued). Drag a side, top, or bottom, representation of numerical data Used to
sizing handle to change only the width or illustrate trends, patterns, or
height of a graphic Drag a corner sizing relationships The Word chart feature
handle to resize a photo proportionally. allows you to create different types of
Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated charts Bar, column, pie, area, and line
Complete. Use Chart button in Illustrations group on
11Sizing and Scaling a Graphic Insert tab. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
(continued). Shape Height and Width text Illustrated Complete.
boxes show size of selected object. 30Creating a Chart (continued).
Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated Worksheet opens in Microsoft Excel window
Complete. and chart appears in Word document Chart
12Sizing and Scaling a Graphic is based on the data in the worksheet
(continued). Use the Layout dialog box to Chart updates automatically when you edit
set exact measurements or to scale a the worksheet Apply a style to the chart
graphic by a percentage. Set specific and format the chart’s labels (e.g. title
measurements. Change the scale of an and legend). Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
object. Select to keep height and width Illustrated Complete.
proportional. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - 31Creating a Chart (continued). Chart
Illustrated Complete. reflects data in worksheet. Worksheet in
13Sizing and Scaling a Graphic Excel window. Chart object. Legend.
(continued). Crop a graphic to trim parts Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated
you don’t want to use Select the graphic, Complete.
then click the Crop button (Size group, 32Creating a Chart (continued).
Picture Tools Format tab) Drag a corner or Completed chart. Legend moved to top.
side cropping handle inward to the Title added to chart. Label added to
location you want to crop Crop a graphic vertical axis. Microsoft Office Word 2010
to fit a shape or conform to a certain - Illustrated Complete.
aspect ratio. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - 33Creating a Chart (continued). Word
Illustrated Complete. SmartArt feature lets you create and
14Positioning a Graphic. To move a format many types of diagrams E.g.
floating graphic: Drag it with the mouse pyramid, target, cycle, and radial,
Nudge it with the arrow keys Set an exact diagrams, as well as lists and
location for the graphic using the organization charts Click the SmartArt
Position command Use the Layout dialog box button (Illustrations group, Insert tab)
to specify an exact position for the to open the Choose a SmartArt Graphic
graphic relative to an aspect of the dialog box Use SmartArt Tools Design and
document (e.g. margin). Microsoft Office Format tabs to customize the graphic.
Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated
15Positioning a Graphic (continued). Complete.
Transparent image indicates position. 34Finalizing Page Layout. After
Anchor symbol moves with graphic. finishing the illustrations for a
Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated document, you can fine-tune the position
Complete. and formatting of the text and graphics
16Positioning a Graphic (continued). Use Nonprinting drawing gridlines help you
the Remove Background command to remove size, align, and position objects.
all or part of the picture background Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated
Remove Background button in the Adjust Complete.
group (Picture Tools Format tab) Indicate 35Finalizing Page Layout (continued).
areas to keep or remove. Microsoft Office Drawing gridlines turned on. Chart is
Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete. located in text box. Pyramid is smaller
17Creating a Text Box. A text box is a and centered under text. Microsoft Office
container that you can fill with text and Word 2010 - Illustrated Complete.
graphics Insert a preformatted text box 36Finalizing Page Layout (continued).
that you customize with your own text Draw Completed flyer. Microsoft Office Word
an empty text box and fill it with text 2010 - Illustrated Complete.
Select text and draw a text box around it. 37Summary. Graphics help illustrate
Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated ideas in a document Resize, scale, and
Complete. position a graphic Format graphic objects
18Creating a Text Box (continued). Use with lines, colors, styles, and other
the Text Box button (Text group) or the effects using tools on Format tab Use text
Shapes button (Illustrations group) on the boxes to illustrate your documents with
Insert tab. Text box frame is selected. text. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Illustrated Illustrated Complete.
Complete. 38Summary (continued). Create and format
19Creating a Text Box (continued). WordArt objects to enhance your document
Format, resize, and position a text box Draw and format shapes, such as rectangles
just like other drawing objects. Text box and ovals Use charts and SmartArt graphics
is resized, positioned, and formatted with to illustrate information and concepts
a style. Microsoft Office Word 2010 - Finalize the formatting and layout of your
Illustrated Complete. document. Microsoft Office Word 2010 -
20Creating a Text Box (continued). By Illustrated Complete.
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Microsoft Word 2010 - Illustrated

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