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Quick Tour of Open Office
Quick Tour of Open Office
Highlights of Neo Office
Highlights of Neo Office
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Open Source

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1Open Source. An Overview of Software 16Koha. Catalog Demo
for Libraries. Blue
2What is Open Source? Open source Hill Public Library
describes a broad general type of software Koha
license that makes source code available Libraries
to the general public with relaxed or
non-existent copyright restrictions. ic.
3What is Open Source? So what does that 17Koha Support and Hosting. LibLime
mean? “…software that is collectively Koha Classic and Koha
developed by a community of technologists Zoom. Koha Classic is for small
with an interest in a particular libraries.. Koha Zoom is for large
application or tool and then distributed libraries and consortia. LibLime provides
at no cost to the broader community of commercial support services - hosting,
individuals who can find a use for it…” migration assistance, staff training,
From open stacks to open source Joe Lucia, support, software maintenance, and
Villanova University, February 5, 2008 development – solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Progressive Technology
open_stacks_to_open_source. Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS)
4What is Open Source? Really? Free to
use Free to change Free to distribute An index.aspx PTFS supports both Evergreen
alternative to commercial software More and KOHA. PTFS provides hosting services
info at: for the software system and library data is in a secure data facility. PTFS offers
ook_at_open_source_now%3F#What_is_meant_by training services, implementation and
open_source. installation services, policy
5Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft configuration services, annual maintenance
Office. Open Office (Windows, Linux) (with email and helpdesk support), and Neo Office hosting services.
(Mac) 18Koha in Maine. Maine Koha Users Page
6Open Office. Leading open-source
office software suite for word processing ml.
spreadsheets presentations graphics 19OPALS (Open-source Automated Library
databases Other features: Available in System).
many languages Stores all your data in an A
international open standard format Read cooperatively developed, Web-based, open
and write files from other office software source program providing Internet access
packages (MS Office) You can download and to information databases and library
use it completely free of charge for any collections. There is no need to install
purpose. software or purchase expensive computer
7Neo Office. Most popular open source hardware for this powerful Internet
office application for Mac OS X. Word accessed system.
Processing Spreadsheet Presentation 20OPALS (Open-source Automated Library
Drawing Database Based on the System). Sample Catalogs office suite, NeoOffice has
integrated dozens of native Mac features Vestal Senior High School
and can import, edit, and exchange files
with other popular office programs such as 21OPALS (Support and Hosting). Media
Microsoft Office. Flex
8Quick Tour of Open Office.
9Highlights of Neo Office. Atomic ?category=A&page_no=1 Sample OPALs
Learning Tutorial catalog OPALS in Maine Georgetown Central School.
ntro/. Georgetown Central School Library. Maine
10Open Source Integrated Library School Administrative District 31. Amy
Systems. Evergreen Koha Open Biblio OPALS. Stone Cole Library Media Center. Maine
11Evergreen. School Administrative District 31. Jim
Evergreen is an enterprise-class library Currie Library Media Center. Howland, ME
automation system that helps library North Yarmouth Academy. North Yarmouth
patrons find library materials, and helps Academy Library. Yarmouth,, ME Penobscot
libraries manage, catalog, and circulate Valley High School. Jim Currie Library
those materials, no matter how large or Media Center. Howland, ME Phippsburg
complex the libraries. As a community, our Elementary School. Phippsburg Elementary
development requirements are that School Library. Phippsburg, ME.
Evergreen must be: Evergreen is open 22OpenBiblio.
source software, freely licensed under the OpenBiblio
GNU GPL. is an easy to use, automated library
12Evergreen. Catalog Demo system written in PHP containing OPAC, Evergreen circulation, cataloging, and staff
Libraries administration functionality. OpenBiblio library administration offers an intuitive
id=evergreen_libraries Staff Demo You can interface with broad category tabs and
download a staff demo but need to take sidebar. OpenBiblio Support
some extra steps.
13Evergreen Support and Hosting. NELINET vices.php?project_id=50071.
– Spruce Project 23OpenBiblio in Maine. Shaw Public Library - Mercer.
Spruce Open Source Collaborative to 24Open Source Considerations. A Primer
encourage the adoption of open source in Risk Taking a critical look at common
library software in our region. The support scenarios for open source software
collaborative will provide solutions, By Jonathan Rochkind -- Library Journal,
guidance, and training while taking 11/15/2008
advantage of the power of the membership
to foster innovation in open-source. With 1591.html Comparing Evergreen and Koha:
Spruce, we will be supporting a suite of Kent County Public Library compares
open-source software products including Evergreen and Koha
the Evergreen integrated library system,
DSpace digital repository system, Drupal /comparing-evergreen-and-koha.html
web content management system and more. Open-Source Software for Libraries by
Equinox Software Casey Bisson Library Technology Reports Evergreen 43:3 (May/Jun 2007) What Can Open Source
Installation, support and remote hosting Do for You? By Rachel Singer Gordon and
services. The original authors of Jessamyn West Computers in Libraries;
Evergreen. Equinox Software provides the March 2008.
resources and the answers you need, right 25Other Open Source Software. Operating
from the source. Migration, project System Linux
management, 24-hour support, consulting,
system hosting, and customized software nux Web Browser and Email Mozilla –-
options are just a few of our solutions. Firefox and
Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Thunderbird Digital Collections Management
Inc. (PTFS) DSpace - Greenstone -
index.aspx PTFS supports both Evergreen 26Blogs and Content Management Systems.
and KOHA. PTFS provides hosting services WordPress -
for the software system and library data Joomla -
is in a secure data facility. PTFS offers Plone
training services, implementation and - ModX -
installation services, policy Drupal -
configuration services, annual maintenance (Look for
(with email and helpdesk support), and add-ons to download at SourceForge.).
hosting services. 27Open Source Public Workstations in
14Maine Libraries and Evergreen. Libraries. Open Sense
Tri-County Consortium is creating a 9 Useful
library system using Evergreen MSAD 40 Is Prince
Great interest growing. Memorial still using Userful?
15Koha. Koha is a 28Search for Open Source and Free
full-featured open-source ILS. Developed Software. SourceForge
initially in New Zealand by Katipo Portal:Free
Communications Ltd and first deployed in software
January of 2000 for Horowhenua Library
Trust, it is currently maintained by a ftware.
team of software providers and library 29Questions?
technology staff from around the globe.
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Open Source

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