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Simple Photo Re-touching
Simple Photo Re-touching
Look at the Difference
Look at the Difference
Cutting Out An Image
Cutting Out An Image
Overlaying Two Images
Overlaying Two Images
Overlaying Two Images
Overlaying Two Images
Layer Template Example
Layer Template Example
Text Special Effects
Text Special Effects
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Photoshop Tutorial

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Photoshop Tutorial. Wednesday, January 18Cutting Out An Image. Using the
24th Lola Thompson. magnetic lasso, trace (approximately) the
2Getting Started. File > New… Select border of the image. You’ll notice that
the size of the blank document that you this is difficult to do in a precise
want to create. Pay special attention to manner (even if you are viewing the image
your choice of resolution. If you’re at 400% its actual size). We will use the
creating an image for the web, 72 pixels mask feature to make our selection more
per inch will suffice. If you’re creating precise.
a detailed art project, you want at least 19Cutting Out An Image. Click on the
300 pixels per inch, but obviously the button that looks like a grey box with a
more the bettter. white circle inside of it on the tool
3A Few Words About Color. Computers bar.This will enable you to enter the mask
recognized many different color formats. mode. Once you are in the mask mode, you
Some common choices include: RGB color - will notice that the area that doesn’t
lists a value between 0 and 255 for each show up in red is the area that you have
of the {Red, Green, Blue} components of a selected (the red highlighted part is the
color. (0, 0, 0), the absence of color, is “throwaway area”). By using the eraser and
completely black. (255, 255, 255), the the paintbrush tools, you can add or
presence of all colors, is completely subtract from this red area with amazing
white. Most Photoshop artists work in RGB. precision.
4A Few Words About Color. 2) CMYK color 20Cutting Out An Image. Once the
- lists a percentage of each of the colors selected (white) area on your image is to
{Cyan, Maroon, Yellow, blacK}. CMYK can your liking, exit from the mask mode. Edit
best be thought of as the “color printer > Copy will copy your image and allow
cartridge colors.” Some graphics designers you to paste it into a new document. Tip:
choose to convert their work (after it has In Photoshop, it is always a good idea to
been done in RGB) to CMYK so that they paste an image onto a different layer from
have a better sense of how it’s going to its background. This will make it easier
look after it is printed. to move your image around the canvas.
5A Few Words About Color. 3) Grayscale 21Overlaying Two Images. For Example: We
- this is exactly what it sounds like. put the image of Homer Simpson on layer 1,
It’s a color mode that operates entirely leaving the photo of the University of
in black and white. Usually in order to Chicago campus as the background, layer 0.
convert an image to grayscale, you will 22Overlaying Two Images. New Layer Go to
first need to flatten it. (More about this the layer tool bar at the right of the
later). screen and click on the arrow in the upper
6A Few Words About Color. 4) Bitmap - right hand corner. The default opacity
Only allows for black and white dots level is set to 100%. You can always
(pixels); I wouldn’t recommend using this change this later if you want your layer
in most cases 5) Lab color - Represents to allow some of the background to show
color with 3 components: {Lightness, color through. Note that the “color” does not
value from red to green, color value from affect the color of the content of your
blue to yellow}. This is another new layer, it just creates a tag of that
non-standard color channel. color on the toolbar to help you organize
7Don’t Forget To… Save Your File. File your layers or flag layers that still need
> Save As… The default format for work.
Photoshop files is aptly named “Photoshop 23Overlaying Two Images. What was “bad”
Format.” Keeping your document in about the preceding image? You will notice
Photoshop format is a good idea if you’re that Homer Simpson still doesn’t quite fit
planning to go back and edit it later. with the background. There’s a blurry edge
However, if you want to e-mail it or put that goes all the way around Homer that
it on a website, you will want to change seems to separate him from the University
the format to something more universal. of Chicago campus.
8Popular Format Choices, Explained. 24Overlaying Two Images. The image on
Photoshop PDF - PDFs have gotten a bad the left looks much more natural than the
reputation here in the Mac Lab, mostly image on the right, namely because we used
because we don’t print them. However, PDF the rubber stamp tool to clone the
was developed by Adobe for file-sharing background over the white border in the
purposes, which makes it an excellent “Homer” layer (layer 1).
choice for e-mailing a document to someone 25Using One Layer As A Template. One
else (particularly someone who doesn’t useful layering trick is to take a
have the same version of Adobe Photoshop photograph, place it on one layer, and
that you do). then create new layers on top of it to
9Popular Format Choices, Explained. 2) trace different parts of the photograph.
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format, another Once you’re finished with tracing the
format that is pretty universally photograph, you can “hide” this layer by
readable. clicking on the eyeball icon on the Layer
10Web Formatting. File > Save For Web toolbar.
Photoshop has a special Save For Web 26Layer Template Example. I created this
feature that allows you to choose between drawing of my cat by tracing a photograph
GIF, JPEG, PNG and WBMP formats. It also of her. I used over 100 layers to create
allows you to choose between “High,” it, assigning one color to each layer.
“Medium” and “Low” quality resolution. 27Text Special Effects. How to make drop
11Size Issues. Even the steadiest hands shadow text with (optional) sparkles: Ex.
make small mistakes with a mouse. The best 28Instructions. Create a black
way to minimize the visibility of these background Write text (should
mistakes is to zoom in sufficiently far on automatically open in a new layer) Hide
your project so that any mistakes that you background layer so that you can see the
make are not apparent once the project is text Make a Duplicate Layer. Change the
restored to normal size. color of the text in this layer to white.
12Simple Photo Re-touching. Suppose that Select Gaussian Blur for the Duplicate
we want to re-touch LimeCat. Layer from the Filter Menu. Move the
13Simple Photo Re-touching. Maybe we Duplicate Layer beneath the Text Layer on
don’t like the brown spot on LimeCat’s the layers list. Now feel free to move the
lime. We want to find a way to fill in an Duplicate layer in relation to the Text
appropriate texture and color to match the layer in order to get the drop shadow
rest of the lime. Using the rubber stamp effect that you want.
tool, we can do just that. 29Resources for Further Photoshop Study.
14Using the Rubber Stamp Tool. To use Web Resources: 1) Adobe Design Center This
the rubber stamp tool, first select a website is run by the makers of Photoshop.
“brush” size that looks appropriate for http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/tutorial
the error that you’re correcting. The / 2) About: Graphics Software This website
rubber stamp is a cloning tool, and you has a large number of free Photoshop
don’t want your cloning area to be too tutorials and tips.
large. http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/photoshop
15Using the Rubber Stamp Tool. Next, Adobe_Photoshop_Resources.htm Live
select the area that you wish to clone by Courses: 1) The Apple Store on Michigan
holding down the option key while you Avenue offers two free weekly courses:
click the mouse over that area. Now, “dab” Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe
the mouse in short strokes over the area Photoshop Pro Workshop. For schedule, see
that you wanted to cover up (ie. The brown :
spot on the lime). http://www.apple.com/retail/northmichigana
16Look at the Difference! The one on the enue/ 2) Adobe offers some fairly
right has been re-touched. I also removed expensive professional training programs.
some unwanted whiskers. For more information, see:
17Cutting Out An Image. Suppose that we http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/tr
want to (precisely) cut out a picture of ining.html.
Homer Simpson.
Photoshop Tutorial.ppt
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Photoshop Tutorial

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