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Running Windows Applications on Linux

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1Running Windows Applications on Linux. 7– 1) Better application
Using Wine By Patrick Berge. support than Wine 2) Reasonable price
2My Motivation. I personally don’t use ($89.99) 3) Closed proprietary interface
Windows at home (Linux and Mac OS X for to Linux kernel 4) Non-standard scheduler
me). At work I use Windows, Linux and in Linux kernel.
proprietary UNIX. I like to use the best 8Wine Alternatives – Part 2. DosEMU –
software for the job, and in a few cases 1) Very old DOS emulator
this includes non-free applications even for Linux 2) I have only used it to play
from Microsoft. I don’t hate Microsoft, Tomb Raider (’96) Virtual PC –
but I do hate buggy insecure software. 1)
OSes should never crash or hang due to a Run Windows apps on Win, Mac, or OS/2
user application. This is true with stable ($129 - $249) 2) Real Emulation (Intel
Linux and UNIX OSes and recently maybe Architecture ops converted to PPC) 3) Now
Windows XP? although I am not convinced… I owned by Microsoft (2/19/03) 4) Again VNC
still see the Blue-Screen-of-Death on with a second PC may be cheaper! Bochs –
Win2k at work. 1) Open Source
3Two Simple Polls. Which category best attempt to mimic VMWare 2) Real Emulator
fits you? 1) Windows or Mac OS only user so very slow but can work without x86.
2) Dual boot Linux with another OS 3) 9Commercial Wine Derivatives.
Linux or GNU/Linux only user How do you TransGaming – 1)
feel about running Windows apps from Commercial Wine/DirectX support for
Linux? 1) Great. I just need < your Windows games 2) Very cheap $5 month
favorite applications > working 2) subscription ($15 min) 3) Some games have
Sounds interesting, but prefer to use faster frame rates than native Windows!
free/open source 3) I am completely CrossOver – 1)
disgusted that anyone would want to do Commercial implementation of Wine
this. targeting the most popular Windows apps.
4Why Run Windows Apps? Let’s be honest. 2) CodeWeavers was founded by one of the
Windows apps are commonly purchased in Wine developers with the intent to make a
stores and used by more people than Linux simple install/upgrade interface to Wine
or GNU applications. You may already know no more difficult then a common Windows
how to use MS Office or Lotus Notes install. 3) CodeWeavers contributes many
(Argh). Some native Linux apps just don’t fixes to the open source Wine project in
exist or are not as functional. 1) addition to providing excellent support
QuickTime 2) Flash Open source developers (my personal experience).
have not organized development on many 10CrossOver Office. Allows user to
specialty applications like Street Atlas. install common Windows productivity
Solitaire is fun. (NOTE: Kpatience is much applications on Linux without a Windows OS
better!). purchase ($54.95). CodeWeaver’s
5What is needed with Linux to run installation tool makes Win app installs
Windows Apps? All Windows applications are on a running Linux system as easy as
written to interface to the Windows OS installing the app on Windows. 30 day free
using Microsoft’s Windows API (Application trial. Support for: MS Office (Excel,
Programming Interface). Linux has a Word, PowerPoint, IE) XP, 2K and 97 MS
completely different API so a software Access, Visio and Outlook (2K versions
conversion layer is needed to convert only) Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (just added)
Windows APIs to Linux/X APIs. i.e. Windows Lotus Notes R5 Quicken.
(draw box) --> conversion layer --> 11CrossOver Plugins. Allows user to run
X (draw box) Windows (open file) --> many Windows browser plugins on Linux
conversion layer --> Linux (open file) without a Windows OS license ($24.95).
Since ’93 the Open Source community has Free 30 day trial. Support for common
been developing this conversion layer Linux browsers (Netscape 4/6/7, Mozilla,
which they call Wine. Galeon, Opera, and Konqueror). GNOME and
6Wine. Wine Is Not an Emulator – KDE file type support to transparently Emulation implies each open plugins. Supported Windows plugins
instruction is translated into native include QuickTime, Shockwave, Flash, MS
instructions. Bochs, Wabi and Virtual PC Office viewers and media player,Tillian,
are emulators. Wine is a Linux software iPIX, eFax, and others. CrossOver Plugins
conversion layer that allows some Windows DEMO including MS Office viewers,
applications to run native on Linux. Since QuickTime, and Flash.
Wine is a user app, Windows apps or Wine 12IBM Client for E-Business. Red Hat
itself will not crash a stable Linux distribution with enhancements available
kernel. On the negative side, any for IBM employees (NOTE: This is not an
applications that do direct hardware calls IBM distribution of Linux but a Red Hat
(via Windows .VDX drivers) will probably distribution). Red Hat base with all the
hang or crash the Wine app. DEMO of correct hardware configurations for
Solitaire and Wordpad. supported IBM desktops, servers and
7Wine Alternatives. VMWare – laptops. CodeWeaver Wine patches for 1) Very good commercial registered copies of Microsoft Office, and
product that allows many independent OSes Lotus Notes plus AFS, TSM, mainframe
running simultaneously 2) Very expensive connections, etc… IBMers should note
($299) and very resource intensive 3) May permission granted from LinuxC4eB team to
be cheaper to get a second PC with VNC 4) discuss and demo. IBM Linux C4eB DEMO
Great for Linux/BSD kernel debug! Win4Lin including MS Office and Lotus Notes.
Running Windows Applications on Linux.ppt
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Running Windows Applications on Linux

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