Case Study - YouTube
Case Study - YouTube
Case Study - YouTube
Case Study - YouTube
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Автор: Kacper Harabasz. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока информатики, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Video Streaming in Flash.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 165 КБ.

Video Streaming in Flash

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1Video Streaming in Flash. CSCI 4220 – 7Flash Media Server. In Adobe’s own
Network Programming Kacper Harabasz. words, “The product is server based
2Challenges. Video’s major problem is software which runs media applications
compression, which leads to many developed for it with the Flash authoring
proprietary formats. Today’s major players tool.” Works by opening a "persistent
are Microsoft, Real, Apple’s QuickTime, connection" between the server and
and now Flash. client. In a normal server/client
3Why Choose Flash? Other players can relationship the client sends periodic
require video drivers on top of their requests to the server as required. With a
players. For example DivX. Flash persistent connection the server and
circumvents this by converting stream able client are in constant, controlled
media to its own format, which is better contact. Handles Bandwidth detection,
compressed and optimized for streaming, Player detection (flash version), Dynamic
although at a loss to quality. It is buffering, basically everything that
really easy. Adobe has done most of the usually gives network programmers a
work for you. headache.
4Streaming in Flash. Flash is Vector, 8Case Study - YouTube. Developed by
not Bitmap based. Images are represented Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim,
as a set of points and geometric figures, while working at PayPal. Needed a way to
as opposed to pixels. Adobe is the post a video online after a party. At that
‘leader’ in both markets, with Photoshop time, there was no easy way to do it.
(bitmap), Illustrator (vector), Director 9How is it done? When a user uploads a
Suite (vector). Free alternates are The video to YouTube, an ‘agent’ processes the
Gimp (bitmap) and Inkscape (vector). upload to produce a .flv (Flash Video
5Streaming in Flash. Thanks to this File) using Adobe’s Video Encoder. Also, a
vector representation, Flash can save still image is captured to represent the
considerable space over other formats. clip during search results and previews. A
This is done by storing the representation short 10-12 char, randomly generated
of an image in the first frame of string serves as the ‘key’ for the media.
animation, and than having each successive 10How is it done? Flash Player and Flash
frame hold information on how the vector Media Server Player embedded into webpage.
changes. The actual codec belongs to The embed calls a url, which is re-written
Sorenson Media, and the product is called to hit a script that converts the ‘key’ to
Sorenson Squeeze. Most other formats the location of the media on the Flash
stream on a per pixel basis. Each pixel Media Server. A new url is constructed,
that changes from frame to frame must be and the script forwards the original embed
sent in the stream. call to a Flash Player with the location
6Progressive Download. Flash Player of the media on the Flash Media Server.
caches the media as it is downloaded from 11How is it done? Now that it is
the destination. This is a very convincing correctly referencing the media, the Flash
imitation of streaming. Some Limitations Player and Flash Media Server interact to
are: It cannot be used for live events, stream the media. This is true streaming.
only stored video files. It is less Flash provides the classes that handle
efficient than true streaming. It cannot this interaction for the programmer.
automatically adjust for the end user's 12Creating a Player. Demonstration of a
connection speed. It is not secure, the Progressive Download Streamer (Hey, Flash
video file is saved on the end user's Media Server isn’t cheap!) Short
computer. The end user cannot jump ahead Introduction to the Flash Environment.
to a later part of the video until it has Explanation of Code.
Video Streaming in Flash.ppt
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Video Streaming in Flash

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