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Who Can You Call a Hero
Who Can You Call a Hero
Grammar in Focus
Grammar in Focus
Compose the sentences
Compose the sentences
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Who Can You Call a Hero

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1Who Can You Call a Hero ? Our Plan: 16Ход урока: Приветствие.
Hello! Phonetic Exercises Learning Words Организационная беседа. What date is it
My Homework Grammar Exercises Relaxation today? What day of the week is it today?
Listening Comprehension Speaking/ Group What season is it now? What is the weather
Work Do it at Home. like today? Do you like the weather? Why?
2Phonetic Exercises. to admire - What`s the news today? Сообщение учащимся
admires to respect - respects a hero - о задачах и ходе урока. Today at the
heroes a person - persons famous lesson we are going to practice words on
well-known great favourite VIP legendary topic “My Hero”and relative clauses with
prominent celebrity outstanding brave whose and infinitive as an attribute. We
well-mannered skilful selfless. an will develop listening comprehension and
architect who an astronaut whose a reading for the main idea skills. Our main
composer a dancer a musician a playwright point is speaking about real heroes and
a politician a scientist a sportsman a expressing your own point of view about
warrior a singer a poet a ballet-dancer what kind of person should a real hero be.
the first the second the third the last Here is a plan of our lesson. (Слайд № 1)
the only. Фонетическая зарядка. (Слайд № 2).
3 17Речевая зарядка в режиме ученик 1 –
4Grammar in Focus. Инфинитив в качестве ученик 2 – ученик 3 … (Слайд № 3). - I
определения Когда нам надо сообщить, что admire the British Queen whose work is
кто-либо стал первым (the first), selfless and responsible. Who do you
последним (the last), единственным (the admire? - I admire … whose…. And who do
only), мы можем использовать инфинитив в you admire? Тренировка лексики в
функции определения после the first, the упражнениях. - Give synonyms for the word
last, the only. famous (great, outstanding, prominent,
5Match A with B. was. the first. well-known, favourite, respectful,
Gagarin. Columbus. Newton. Linnet. legendary, VIP, a celebrity, a hero). -
Sikorsky. Neil Armstrong. to understand How can you characterize a hero? Give as
gravitation. to design a helicopter. to many words as possible. risk taking.
come to America. to go to the Moon. to fly honest. selfless. a hero. attractive.
to space. to find a bacteria. skilful. brave. responsible. considerate.
6Compose the sentences. to write, Jane, 18- Match the names with the
the first, was, the test. was, to finish, professions: William Wallace a film star
Tom, the last, the work. sister, this Steven Spielberg a bard Vladimir Vysotsky
book, my, the first, was, to read. to the a writer Rudyard Kipling a warrior Audrey
concert, parents, his, were, to come, the Hepburn a film maker Beethoven an
last. the question, friend, the first, my, astronaut Valentina Tereshkova a composer
was, to answer. Nikolay Tsiskaridze a politician Vladimir
7Grammar in Focus. Придаточное Putin a ballet dancer 6. Проверка
определительное с союзным словом whose домашнего задания. Импровизированное
Когда мы хотим сообщить информацию, интервью с кинозвездой. (Слайд № 4) - Let
характеризующую или определяющую действия, us check your home task up. Open your
мы можем использовать придаточное Reader books, page 80, exercise 4. The
определительное предложение с союзным text is about a boy. What is his name?
словом whose (чей-либо, чья-либо). Where is he from? How old is he? What is
8Why are they popular? Say it in one he?
sentence. Martin (a young playwright): My 19- Now look at the blackboard. Here is
plays are mysterious. Vikki ( a young the key to this exercise. Can you find any
model): My ambition is to win a beauty mistakes? 1 G 2 B 3 D 4 C 5 F 6 A 7 H 8 E
contest. Lorena ( a young writer): My (Учащиеся находят и исправляют ошибки). -
stories are funny. Tara (a young painter): And now let us role play the interview
My pictures are in the school hall. Eric ( with a film star. Dima P. will be Tahj
a young sportsman): My ambition is to win Mowry. You will be correspondents. Please,
a world championship. Tim ( a young ask Tahj any questions you like. (Учащиеся
composer): My songs are very popular. берут интервью у кинозвезды).
9Green Group. I think real heroes are 207. Отработка грамматических навыков
persons who/ whose…. Real heroes are…, … употребления придаточных определительных с
and …. They …, …, …, and …. I know a lot союзом whose и инфинитива в качестве
of heroes: …, …, … . Russian heroes are …, определения. (Слайды 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). - We
…, … . British heroes are …, …, … . Real have three groups today at the lesson:
heroes are … people. They are the first Green group, Yellow group and Pink group.
to…. All people … and … heroes. Take out your Grammar card, think it over
10Yellow Group. My hero is …. He/she is and be ready to answer it in 2 minutes.
…, … and …. He/she is a person who/whose (Учащиеся готовят грамматические задания в
…. He/she is the first/the only to…. группах). - Let us check your Grammar work
He/she (can) … and …. I admire … because up. (Учащиеся по цепочке выполняют
he/she …, …, …. I would like to be like my грамматические задания, по необходимости
hero …. объясняя и комментируя правила). 8.
11Pink Group. - Do you have a hero? - … Релаксационная пауза. It is high time to
. - Who is your hero? - My hero is … . - have a rest, my dear students! We will
Why do you admire him/her? - I admire … sing a very popular American song “She`ll
because he/she is …, … and … . - Who can Be Coming Around the Mountains”. Let us
you call a hero? - I think, a hero is a sing and dance together! Please, follow
person who is …, … and … . He/she is the Liza and Alya.
first/the only to…. - Are there any heroes 219. Прослушивание аудиотекста с
in your class? - … . рассказом подростков о своих героях. -
12Do you like the lesson? What was the Open your books on page 158-159 and listen
best thing about the lesson? interviewing to the tape-recorder. (Учащиеся
an American film star practicing the words прослушивают текст и отвечают на вопросы).
doing grammar exercises singing a song - Who is Ray`s hero? Why does he think so?
dancing group work speaking about heroes. - Who is Scott`s hero? Why does he think
13Do it at home, please. Activity Book so? - Who is Esther`s hero? Why does she
Number 12 page 100 (in writing). think so? Выполнение задания упражнения на
14Good- bye! See you later! Good Luck! поиск верной информации. Exercise 1.2 Do
15План-конспект урока английского языка you agree or disagree? Exercise 1.3 Which
в 7 классе УМК В.П. Кузовлева, Unit 7, point of view do you share? 10. Работа в
Lesson 4 “Who Can You Call a Hero?”. Цель: группах. Подготовка устных высказываний о
формирование навыков аудирования и чтения своих героях по речевым опорам. (Слайды
с извлечением главной идеи, 10, 11, 12). - And now you will do a group
совершенствование навыков разговорной речи work. Green group will speak about real
по теме «Мой герой», культуроведческое heroes. Members of yellow group will
обогащение коммуникативно-речевой практики prepare a topic about their own heroes.
школьников. Учебные задачи урока: - Students of pink group will make a
совершенствовать коммуникативно-речевые dialogue. You have 5 minutes to do this
навыки учащихся; - развивать навыки task.
аудирования и чтения с извлечением главной 2210. Устная презентация подготовленных
мысли; - отработать грамматические навыки высказываний учащихся. 11. Подведение
употребления придаточных определительных итогов урока. Выставление оценок. (Слайд №
предложений с союзом whose и инфинитивом в 13). Объяснение домашнего задания. (Слайд
качестве определения; - развивать учебное № 14). Прощание с классом до следующего
сотрудничество у школьников в решении урока и пожелание удачи и успехов в
учебных задач урока; - развивать культуру изучении английского языка и иноязычной
общения на английском языке. культуры. (Слайд № 15).
Who Can You Call a Hero.ppt
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Who Can You Call a Hero

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