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Windows 7
Windows 7
Aero interface features
Aero interface features
Get what you need in an instant
Get what you need in an instant
Get what you need in an instant
Get what you need in an instant
Get what you need in an instant
Get what you need in an instant
Jump Lists
Jump Lists
Jump List
Jump List
The taskbar
The taskbar
Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool
Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes
New Windows Explorer Features
New Windows Explorer Features
Desktop gadgets for teachers
Desktop gadgets for teachers
Windows 7
Windows 7
New and improved built-in applications
New and improved built-in applications
Connect to a wireless network
Connect to a wireless network
How to get information about your PC
How to get information about your PC
How to update Windows 7
How to update Windows 7
What is notification area
What is notification area
In addition to deleting unnecessary files, uninstall any applications
In addition to deleting unnecessary files, uninstall any applications
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Windows 7

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1Windows 7. ACS Jolanta Soltis. 25provide easy access to frequently used
2Where we’re at. tools. Right-click anywhere on your
32006-2009. Windows Vista didn’t desktop and then click Gadgets.
exactly get a positive reception. That Double-click a gadget to add it to your
said, it delivered on Microsoft’s promise desktop. You can also add additional
to update the foundation of Windows to gadgets by clicking Get more gadgets
something more modern. That foundation is online in the lower-right corner. To
used in Windows 7. remove gadgets you already have,
4Windows 7. Windows 7 is all about right-click the gadget, and click Close
delivering on the failures of Vista. gadget.
Performance improvements Boot-up time is 26Desktop gadgets for teachers. Many of
faster than with Windows Vista, and the available gadgets are really handy for
Windows 7 resumes from sleep and teachers, including gadgets for a
reconnects to wireless networks more dictionary/thesaurus, Wikipedia,
quickly. Search has been optimized to multilingual vocabulary, periodic table,
return results faster. Services that unit converter, currency converter, moon
aren't in use are turned off, and memory phases, astronomy center, a to-do list,
is used more efficiently than in Vista, and more. You can even watch NASA TV Live
increasing performance. USB devices are or listen to radio stations from around
ready for use in less time after you plug the world. You can customize a gadget by
them in. Power management Automatically moving it, resizing it, and making other
dims the screen after a period of changes: To move a gadget, drag it
inactivity when on battery power Powers wherever you want it. To change a gadget’s
off unused ports Uses less power for DVD options, right-click the gadget, and then
playback. click Options. Change the options and then
5Features. Home Premium. Pro. Ultimate. click OK. To resize a gadget, right-click
Improved desktop navigation, featuring it, point to Size, and click the size you
Aero Shake, Aero Peek and Snap. Yes. Yes. want the gadget to be. To keep a gadget on
Yes. Quicker program loads with enhanced top of your other windows so it’s always
desktop search functionality. Yes. Yes. visible, right-click the gadget, and click
Yes. Internet Explorer 8 pre-loaded for Always on top. Watch a video on how to
safer surfing. Yes. Yes. Yes. Enhanced customize desktop gadgets here:
Media Center functionality. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Access Windows XP productivity programs in /customize-desktop-gadgets.
Windows XP mode. No. Yes. Yes. Join 27Accelerators.
corporate networks more easily with Domain 28
Join. No. Yes. Yes. Protect and recover 29New and improved built-in
your valuable data more easily with applications. Calculator The built-in
automated backups to your home and calculator in Windows 7 adds two new
business networks. No. Yes. Yes. modes: Programmer: Calculates in and
6Windows 7 for end users. (the fun converts between hexadecimal, decimal,
stuff). octal and binary numbers, and displays
7Windows 7 System Requirements. 1 byte, word, Dword and Qword data types.
gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or Statistics: Adds keys for statistical
64-bit (x64) processor 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM calculations involving linear regression.
(32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 16 GB Another handy addition is a calculation
available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 history, which appears at the top of the
GB (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics device with entry field. New unit conversion pane,
WDDM 1.0 or higher driver. which handles units of area, angles,
8Setup. Setup has been simplified. length, volume, weight/mass, energy,
Clean install in 15-20 minutes. Upgrade: power, pressure, time, velocity,
Averages a couple of hours. Windows XP temperature and more.
users: No upgrade for you. Don’t forget 30Paint. The built-in Paint program now
the Upgrade Advisor. NJIT Windows 7 page - uses the familiar ribbon interface from Office, as shown in Figure 6, making it
php. easier to use. It now supports opening
9User experience. Biggest end user transparent .PNG and .ICO files, adds
changes are in the UI... Personalization realistic digital brushes and supports
with Aero Themes and slideshows. Major multi-touch, so you can paint directly on
changes to the Taskbar – Pinning, Jump the screen with your fingers with a touch
Lists, Live Previews, and more. screen monitor.
Notification area clean-up. Libraries and 31Improved search. Windows 7 includes
Windows Explorer. Windows Aero desktop the Explorer search box as in Windows
effects: Aero Peek, Aero Snaps, Aero Vista but it adds a new feature: search
Shake. suggestions. When you click in the box,
10Aero interface features. Desktop and you see a list of recent searches, as well
Taskbar You have more control over the as search filters (customized for the type
arrangement of your desktop with the of files in the folder) that you can
removal of the sidebar, which was select to filter search results. These
introduced in Windows Vista. Gadgets can improvements make it easy for you to use
still be placed on the desktop, wherever the search bar to quickly search across
you want them. With the new Aero features file types and libraries for all documents
of Windows 7, it's easier to get work pertaining to a particular client. To use
done. arrangement views, search filters and
11Get what you need in an instant. suggestions, you must have library
Accessing frequently used programs and locations indexed. When you include a
files Many of us have a fairly small group location in a library, Windows 7
of programs and files we use often. So it automatically adds those locations to be
makes sense to keep them handy all the indexed. Locations on another machine are
time. The Start menu is essentially a indexed if that machine is running Windows
blank slate that you can organize and Search 4.
customize to suit your preferences. Click 32Connect to a wireless network. To open
the Start button . If you don’t see the Connect to a Network, click the network
program you want, simply type it into the icon ( or ) in the notification area in
search box. the lower-right corner of your screen. In
12Get what you need in an instant. You the list of available wireless networks,
can then pin your favorite programs to the click a network, and then click Connect.
Start menu for easy access by If prompted, type the network security
right-clicking the program and clicking key, and then click OK. Now you’re
Pin to Start Menu. You can also pin your connected to the network.
favorite programs to the taskbar by 33Location-Aware Printing. If you’ve got
right-clicking the program and selecting Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate on your
Pin to Taskbar, or by dragging the program laptop, you can automatically switch
from the Start menu or the desktop to the default printers for each network you
taskbar. You can rearrange the buttons on use—at home and at school. Then you won’t
the taskbar any way you like by dragging have to manually switch printers when you
them. move between locations. So when you print
13Jump Lists. Lists of recently opened at school, Windows 7 will automatically
items, such as files, folders, or Web print to your school printer. When you
sites, organized by the program that you print at home, Windows 7 will
use to open them. To open an item from the automatically select and use your home
Jump List on the Start menu, click the printer. First, be sure that your computer
Start button . Point to a program on the is connected to the printer you need. You
Start menu to open the program’s Jump can add a local printer or add a network,
List, and then click the item. wireless, or Bluetooth printer. To add a
14Jump List. To pin your favorite files local printer that is directly connected
to the Jump List, point to the file in the to your PC: First, connect the printer to
Jump List, and click the push-pin. The your computer following the manufacturer's
item then appears at the top of the Jump instructions. Windows attempts to
List. To unpin an item from a Jump List, automatically install the printer. If
point to the item, and click the pushpin. Windows can't automatically install it or
(Notice that the push-pin has a different if you've removed the printer and want to
tooltip, “Unpin from this list.”) The item add it again, follow these steps: Click
is no longer pinned to the top of the Jump the Start button , and then click Devices
List. and Printers. Click Add a printer. In the
15The taskbar. The horizontal bar at the Add Printer wizard, select Add a local
bottom of the screen , gives you a quick printer. On the Choose a printer port
way to access the programs and files you page, make sure that Use an existing port
have open. With this new feature in and the recommended printer port are
Windows 7, called Peek, you can point to a selected, and then click Next. On the
taskbar button to preview open files or Install the printer driver page, select
programs. Point to the thumbnail to the printer manufacturer and model, and
preview the window full-screen. Click the then click Next. Note, if your printer is
thumbnail to open the window, or click the not listed, click Windows Update, and then
x in the upper-right corner of the wait while Windows checks for additional
thumbnail to quickly close the window. drivers. If none are available and you
16The taskbar. When you right-click a have the manufacturer's installation CD,
taskbar icon, you see a jump list that click Have disk, and then browse to the
displays files you've recently opened with folder where the printer driver is stored.
that application as well as common tasks For additional help, refer to the
that you can perform directly from the manufacturer's instructions. Complete the
jump list. additional steps in the wizard, and then
17Snap, Shake and Peek. New to Windows click Finish.
7. Help you organize and resize windows 34To add a network, wireless, or
and reduce desktop clutter: Aero Snap Bluetooth printer: Make sure you know the
makes it easy to display two windows name of the printer that you want to add
side-by-side by dragging them to opposite before you begin. Sometimes the name is
sides of the display. To maximize a displayed on the printer itself. If the
window, drag it to the top. If you want to name is not on the printer, contact the
extend a window to the full length of the printer owner or your network
screen but keep the current width, resize administrator to find out the printer's
it to the top of the screen. With Aero name before you follow the steps below.
Shake, grab a window with the pointer and Click the Start button , and then click
drag it back and forth quickly to minimize Devices and Printers. Click Add a printer.
all other windows. Shake it again to bring In the Add Printer wizard, select Add a
the other windows back. Aero Peek puts a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. In
transparent button at the extreme right the list of available printers, select the
end of the taskbar (if it's horizontal) or one you want to use, and then click Next.
the bottom (if it's vertical), after the If your computer is connected to a
notification area. Hover over it with the network, only printers listed in Active
pointer and all windows become transparent Directory for your domain are displayed in
so you can see your desktop and gadgets. the list. If prompted, install the printer
Move the pointer away and the windows are driver on your computer. If you are
restored. prompted for an administrator password or
18Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool captures confirmation, type the password or provide
a screen shot of any object on your confirmation. Complete the additional
screen, like a paragraph in a document, a steps in the wizard, and then click
picture you’re editing, or a section of a Finish. To change a default printer: Click
Web page. When you want to share an idea the Start button , and then click Devices
or ask a question, it’s a great way to and Printers. Right-click a printer, and
show your students what you’re talking then click Set as default printer. To
about. Click the Start button and type manage Location-Aware Printing settings:
snip in the search box. Click Snipping Click the Start button , and then click
Tool in the Programs section at the top of Devices and Printers. Click a printer, and
the Start menu. On the New menu, select then click Manage default printers on the
the type of snip you want: Free-form Snip. toolbar. Click Change my default printer
Draw a free-form shape around an object. when I change networks. In the Select
Rectangular Snip. Drag the cursor around network list, click a network. In the
an object to form a rectangle. Window Select printer list, click a corresponding
Snip. Select a window, such as a browser default printer. Click Add. Repeat steps
window or dialog box, that you want to 4, 5, and 6 to select printers for any
capture. Full-screen Snip. Capture the other networks you connect to. When you're
entire screen. finished, click OK.
19Snipping Tool. Then select the area of 35Resources. Take a Windows 7 tour, and
your screen that you want to capture. It's watch videos about Windows 7 features
automatically copied to the Clipboard and here:
the Snipping Tool mark-up window. From the
mark-up window, you can write on, draw on, videos-tours.aspx. For faculty, visit
highlight, save, or e-mail the snip. For faculty,
20Snipping Tool. visit
21Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes are Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
colorful reminder notes you can stick on 10 Cool Tools
your desktop. They are even handier in in Windows 7:
Windows 7. You can format the text, and
speedily resize, collapse, and flip ?p=738 System Requirements:
through notes. To create a sticky note,
click the Start button and type sticky in get/system-requirements.aspx.
the search box. Click Sticky Notes in the 36Tune Up you PC. How to get information
Programs section at the top of the Start about your PC? How to update Windows 7?
menu. To create additional notes, click What is notification area?
the New Note button. You can also open a 37How to get information about your PC?
new note by pressing CTRL+N. Start Type: “system information” in the
22Sticky Notes. To resize a note, drag search box Select: System Information from
an edge or corner of the note to make it the resulting list.
larger or smaller. To delete a note, click 38How to update Windows 7? Windows
the Delete Note button. You can also Update is a utility that downloads and
delete a note by pressing CTRL+D. To installs updates to your system, and it's
change the color of a sticky note, configured to run automatically by default
right-click the note and then choose a in Windows 7. Start > All Programs >
color. To format text in a sticky note, Windows Update, select Tools> Windows
select the text you want to change. Use Update in Internet Explorer.
the following keyboard shortcuts to format 39What is notification area? The
the text on your note: CTRL+SHIFT+L (Press notification area appears on the right
this keyboard shortcut again to switch to side of the taskbar. Sometimes it's called
a numbered list.). Type of formatting. the system tray, or just the tray.
Keyboard shortcut. Bold text. CTRL+B. Standard icons displayed in the
Italic text. CTRL+I. Underlined text. notification area are the flag (to open
CTRL+U. Strikethrough. CTRL+T. Bulleted Action Center), the power icon (on
list. Increased text size. CTRL+SHIFT+> notebook PCs), the network or wireless
Decreased text size. CTRL+SHIFT+< icon and the volume icon. Windows 7 groups
23New Windows Explorer Features. other background program icons in a hidden
Libraries The biggest change to Windows area to keep the notification area
Explorer is the addition of libraries. clutter-free. Just click the up-facing
Libraries are virtual folders that give arrow to display the hidden icons. In this
you an aggregated view of the contents of example, you see the hidden tray icons for
multiple actual folders. This lets you see the Bluetooth device applet, Windows
all files of a particular type (such as Update, an antivirus program, a pointing
pictures) together, even though they may device and a virtual machine program.
be stored in different physical locations. 40Here are some ways to put these icons
There are four default libraries: to work: Double-click an icon to perform
Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. You the default action for the related
can also add your own libraries. Figure 3 program. In most cases, this opens a
shows a library for downloaded programs window for its configuration or use.
that has been added. Improvements to Select a command from the right-click menu
Windows 7's Windows Explorer file manager that closes or disables the application
make it easier to organize and find your and removes its icon from the tray—until
files, whether they're stored on your hard the next time you start your PC (if it's
drive, an external drive or on the set to load at startup) or until you
network. restart that application manually. As
24New and improved built-in software programs load, the number of
applications. Some applications included small icons on the system tray increases.
with Windows have been updated and Each of these small pictures represents a
improved, and handy new ones added. program running in the background, and
Internet Explorer 8: Windows 7 ships with each one consumes valuable system
the latest version of Internet Explorer, resources. Move the mouse pointer over
which includes many new features: each small picture to find out which
Accelerators: Provides a quick way to program it represents.
perform common tasks from a website by 41Cleaning up the desktop. Over time, a
highlighting text and then choosing the Windows desktop can get cluttered with
action. For example, highlight an address shortcut icons for programs you don't use.
and select to see a map of the location or The simplest way to get rid of these icons
highlight a sentence and select to is to delete them. Select one and press
translate it with Bing. You can add Delete, or drag it to the Recycle Bin. You
accelerators from the Accelerators aren't deleting the program itself—only
Gallery. InPrivate Browsing: Allows you to the shortcut to that program. You can
browse the web without leaving tracks in still run the program from the Start menu.
the form of Internet history, temporary 42Deleting unnecessary files. Disk
Internet files (cache) or cookies. Web Cleanup helps you save hard disk space by
Slices: Enables you to subscribe to a part offering to delete files (either yours or
of a web page, which will be automatically everyone's files) it thinks you don't
updated when it changes. SmartScreen need. These files could include the
Filter: Protects you from malicious contents of the Recycle Bin, temporary
websites such as phishing sites. Suggested internet files and other folders. Select
Sites: Suggests websites you might be Start, type disk cleanup in the search
interested in, based on the sites you've text box and then select Disk Cleanup in
visited most often. Tab isolation and the resulting list.
crash recovery: Each tab runs in its own 43In addition to deleting unnecessary
process so if one crashes, others aren't files, uninstall any applications you
affected. A crashed tab automatically don't need. Windows uses hard disk space
reloads. You can also reopen closed tabs for different types of operations, such as
or reopen your entire previous browsing caching and virtual memory. The computer
session. Internet Explorer 9: Fast, might not run reliably if free disk space
simplified design, one-click access to drops below 10 percent of total space. To
your favorite sites, integration with see how much space remains on your hard
Windows 7, etc. disk, click Start > Computer, and then view the bar graphs results for each drive
-explorer/help/ie-9/9-reasons-to-get-inter that appears in the Hard Disk Drives pane.
et-explorer-9. Use the Programs and Features applet in
25Desktop gadgets for teachers. Windows Control Panel to uninstall programs you no
contains mini-programs called gadgets, longer use.
which offer information at a glance and
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