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Editions of Windows 7
Editions of Windows 7
Windows 7 Jump List
Windows 7 Jump List
Windows 7 Jump List
Windows 7 Jump List
Aero Peek
Aero Peek
Windows 7 Libraries
Windows 7 Libraries
Action Center flag in taskbar
Action Center flag in taskbar
Action Center flag in taskbar
Action Center flag in taskbar
Action Center Window
Action Center Window
Network and Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center
Windows 7 and Networking
Windows 7 and Networking
Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore
Printers Display
Printers Display
A+ Changes Effective Jan, 2011 2009 A+ 220-701 Essentials Exam
A+ Changes Effective Jan, 2011 2009 A+ 220-701 Essentials Exam
2009 A+ 220-702 Practical Application Exam
2009 A+ 220-702 Practical Application Exam
IPv6 Address Space
IPv6 Address Space
IP address assignments
IP address assignments
exFAT or FAT64
exFAT or FAT64
More control over the UAC box
More control over the UAC box
Desktop Gadgets
Desktop Gadgets
Questions and Comments
Questions and Comments
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Windows 7 and the A+ Exam

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Windows 7 and the A+ Exam. Reference: 25verify compatibility with Windows 7 before
A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your deployment Used for lite-touch or
PC, 7th edition by Jean Andrews. 1. zero-touch deployments Recommended by
2Agenda. What’s new with Windows 7 A+ Microsoft for deployments of more than 200
exam changes for Windows 7 Quick coverage computers. 25.
of the Windows 7 A+ content. 2. 26User State Migration Tool (USMT). Used
3What’s New with Windows 7? Better to transfer user settings, application
performing and less problems than Vista settings, and user data files to a new
Not many changes in tools and screens: installation of Windows 7 Included in the
Desktop changes (Jump List, Aero Peek, Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK).
Shake, and Snap) Libraries (a collection 26.
of folders) Windows XP Mode Action Center 27User State Migration Tool (USMT).
(convenient location for tools) Homegroups Order of operation: Download and install
Windows Live Essentials and Security the AIK software on the technician
Essentials Rescue disc Improved Backup and computer Copy USMT program files to the
Restore utility. 3. source computer Run ScanState command to
4Editions of Windows 7. 4. copy data from source computer to file
5Jump Lists. Jump Lists are lists of server Install Windows 7 and apps on
recently opened items, such as files, destination computer Run LoadState command
folders, or Web sites, organized by the to apply from server to destination
program that you use to open them. To open computer (USMT 4.0 uses hard-link
an item from the Jump List on the Start migration to improve speed). 27.
menu, click the Start button. Point to a 28Any questions so far? 28.
program on the Start menu to open the 29IPv6. IPv6 address has 128 bits
program’s Jump List, and then click the written in 8 blocks of hex numbers like
item. 5. this:
6Windows 7 Jump List. In this example, 2001:0000:0B80:0000:0000:00D3:9C5A:00CC
point to Microsoft Word in the Start menu Four zeroes can be eliminated like this:
and the Jump List for Microsoft Word 2001::0B80:0000:0000:00D3:9C5A:00CC Or
appears. Jump lists make your documents this: 2001:0000:0B80::00D3:9C5A:00CC The
and programs accessible from the taskbar. second method is preferred. 29.
6. 30IPv6 continued. IPv6 terms: A link or
7Aero Peek. 7. local link is a network bounded by routers
8Windows 7 Libraries. Libraries A subnet is one or more links that have
Automatically Created: Documents Music the same 64 bits in the prefix of the
Pictures Videos. 8. address Neighbors are two or more nodes on
9Windows 7 Libraries cont’d. A Windows the same link An interface is a node’s
7 library is a grouping of one or more attachment to a link. 30.
folders. The library works like a folder 31IPv6 continued. More terms: Using a
that can contain files and other folders unicast address, packets are delivered to
and can be thought of as a virtual folder. a single node on a network Using a
The files and folders in a library can be multicast address, packets are delivered
located in any storage media on the local to all nodes on a network An anycast
computer or on the network. A library is a address is used by routers. The closest
convenient way to access several folders router using the address gets the packet.
in different locations from one central 31.
location. When Windows is installed, it 32IPv6 continued. Three kinds of unicast
creates four default libraries: Documents, addresses: A global unicast address can be
Music, Pictures, and Videos. By default, used on the Internet (similar to public IP
the first three libraries can be accessed addresses) A link-local unicast address is
from the Start menu. 9. used on the local link (similar to private
10Action Center flag in taskbar. Action IP addresses) A unique local unicast
Flag. 10. address is used on multiple local links
11Action Center flag in taskbar cont’d. within an intranet. (A hybrid between a
The Windows 7 Action Center replaces the global unicast and a link-local unicast
Vista Security Center. It is a centralized address, routable on the intranet but not
location that alerts the user to issues routable on the Internet) Note: The first
that might need addressing and includes 48 bits or 3 blocks of a global unicast
the security issues as well as other address specifies the organization’s site.
issues such as a problem with a scheduled (publicly leased bits from IANA). 32.
backup. The Action Center flag icon 33IPv6 continued. Interface concepts: An
appears in the notification area of the IPv6 address identifies an interface, not
taskbar. Click the icon to see a summary a node Two types of interfaces: A physical
of issues. To open the Action Center, attachment (such as a network adapter) A
click Open Action Center You can also open logical attachment (such as a tunneling
the Action Center from the Control Panel interface) The last 64 bits or 4 blocks of
Figure 2 shows the Action Center. 11. an IP address identify the interface. For
12Action Center Window. Figure 2. 12. a physical interface, Vista and XP use the
13Network and Sharing Center. 13. MAC address to generate these 64 bits, but
14Windows 7 and Networking. Connect to a Windows 7 uses random generation. These
wireless network To open Connect to a last 64 bits are called the interface ID.
Network, click the network icon in the 33.
notification area in the lower-right 34IPv6 continued. Parts of a global
corner of your screen. In the list of unicast address: Note: The first 48 bits
available wireless networks, click a or 3 blocks of a global unicast address
network, click Connect. If prompted, type specifies the organization’s site and is
the network security key, and then click called the global routing prefix.
OK. Now you’re connected to the network. (publicly leased bits from IANA). Global
14. routing prefix (48 bits). Subnet ID (16
15Windows 7 and Networking cont’d. Be a bits). Interface ID (64 bits). 34.
joiner. Use the Join Domain or Workgroup 35IPv6 continued. Parts of a link-local
Wizard to easily join the corporate address: Example of a link-local address:
domain. The entire process is more secure FE80::9C13:4983:CCEA. FE80:0:0:0
than ever. Enter your network credentials, Link-local prefix (64 bits). Interface ID
and within minutes, you’ve joined your (64 bits). 35.
workplace domain. 15. 36IPv6 continued. Parts of a unique
16Homegroup. 16. local unicast address: FD00::/8 Unique
17Rescue Disc. Used to launch Windows RE local prefix (8 bits). Global ID within
Create the bootable disc using the Backup site (40 bits). Subnet ID (16 bits).
and Restore window Three ways to launch Interface ID (64 bits). 36.
Windows RE: From the hard drive (press F8 37IPv6 Address Space. Unknown address is
at startup) From the Windows 7 setup DVD written as :: Loopback address is written
From the rescue disc. 17. as ::1 For more prefixes, see the IP
18Backup and Restore. 18. address space registry at
19Any questions so far? 19. 37.
20Add a Local Printer. To add a local 38IP address assignments. 38.
printer that is directly connected to your 39Further Study of IPv6. Windows 7
PC: First, connect the printer to your Resource Kit by Microsoft Press Search the
computer following the manufacturer's Microsoft site: Google “
instructions. Windows attempts to IPv6”. 39.
automatically install the printer. If 40Questions on IPv6? 40.
Windows can't automatically install it or 41Other A+ content new to Windows 7.
if you've removed the printer and want to Directory structures are the same as Vista
add it again, follow these steps: Click Use the exFAT file system for USB flash
the Start button, and then click Devices drives and other removable drives exFAT is
and Printers. Click Add a printer. In the compatible with Mac OS and Linux. 41.
Add Printer wizard, select Add a local 42exFAT or FAT64. 42.
printer. On the Choose a printer port 43More control over the UAC box. 43.
page, make sure that Use an existing port 4432 and 64 Bit Installation. A 64-bit
and the recommended printer port are installation of Windows generally runs
selected, and then click Next. On the faster than a 32-bit installation and can
Install the printer driver page, select support more RAM. Table 2 (next slide)
the printer manufacturer and model, and shows how much RAM each edition and
then click Next. Note, if your printer is version of Windows 7 can support. Another
not listed, click Windows Update, and then advantage of 64-bit installations of
wait while Windows checks for additional Windows is they can support 64-bit
drivers. If none are available and you applications, which run faster than 32-bit
have the manufacturer's installation CD, applications. Even though you can install
click Have disk, and then browse to the 32-bit applications in a 64-bit OS, for
folder where the printer driver is stored. best performance, always choose 64-bit
For additional help, refer to the applications. 44.
manufacturer's instructions. Complete the 45Table 2 Maximum memory supported by
additional steps in the wizard, and then Windows 7 editions and versions. Operating
click Finish. 20. System. 32-bit Version. 64-bit Version.
21Add a Network Printer. To add a Windows 7 Ultimate. Windows 7 Enterprise.
network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer: Windows 7 Professional. Windows 7 Home
Make sure you know the name of the printer Premium. Windows 7 Home Basic. Windows 7
that you want to add before you begin. Starter. N/A. 45. 4 GB. 192 GB. 4 GB. 192
Sometimes the name is displayed on the GB. 4 GB. 192 GB. 4 GB. 16 GB. 4 GB. 8 GB.
printer itself. If the name is not on the 2 GB.
printer, contact the printer owner or your 46Desktop Gadgets. Windows contains
network administrator to find out the mini-programs called gadgets, which offer
printer's name before you follow the steps information at a glance and provide easy
below. Click the Start button, and then access to frequently used tools.
click Devices and Printers. Click Add a Right-click anywhere on your desktop and
printer. In the Add Printer wizard, select then click Gadgets. Double-click a gadget
Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth to add it to your desktop. You can also
printer. In the list of available add additional gadgets by clicking Get
printers, select the one you want to use, more gadgets online in the lower-right
and then click Next. If your computer is corner. To remove gadgets you already
connected to a network, only printers have, right-click the gadget, and click
listed in Active Directory for your domain Close gadget. 46.
are displayed in the list. If prompted, 47Desktop Gadgets cont’d. You can
install the printer driver on your customize a gadget by moving it, resizing
computer. If you are prompted for an it, and making other changes: To move a
administrator password or confirmation, gadget, drag it wherever you want it. To
type the password or provide confirmation. change a gadget’s options, right-click the
Complete the additional steps in the gadget, and then click Options. Change the
wizard, and then click Finish. 21. options and then click OK. To resize a
22Printers Display. 22. gadget, right-click it, point to Size, and
23A+ Changes Effective Jan, 2011 2009 A+ click the size you want the gadget to be.
220-701 Essentials Exam. 23. To keep a gadget on top of your other
242009 A+ 220-702 Practical Application windows so it’s always visible,
Exam. 24. right-click the gadget, and click Always
25Microsoft Assessment and Planning on top. 47.
(MAP) Toolkit. Software to automatically 48Any questions? 48.
query multiple computers on the network to 49Questions and Comments. Thank you! 49.
Windows 7 and the A+ Exam.ppt
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Windows 7 and the A+ Exam

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