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Windows 8 Themes

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1Windows 8 Themes. August 2012 7will transform the way you use your PC,
Microsoft Confidential. Confidential - but it still does everything you expect
Microsoft NDA Only. and need a PC to do. With a touch PC or
2Messaging resources. Overview of tablet, you can quickly zoom in or out to
themes and benefits Descriptions of customize your view and group, label, and
benefits Notes and details to remember rearrange apps on your Start screen. Snap
Descriptions for Windows 8 editions two apps side-by-side and multitask. Chat
Windows 8 Release Preview website Product with a friend while scoping out a map, or
guide (Release Preview, PDF). In this watch a video while getting stuff done.
document. Other references. Confidential - It’s simple to do two things at once with
Microsoft NDA Only. 2. Windows 8. (See notes) Enjoy your favorite
3Windows 8 editions. Windows 8 websites with Internet Explorer 10, the
Beautiful, fast, fluid. Windows 8 Pro entirely new Windows 8 browser that is
Ready for business. Windows 8 has been fast and fluid, and perfect for touch.
reimagined to be all about you. Put what Windows 8 includes the power and
matters most right on your Start screen, productivity of the desktop, there when
and get instant access to your people, you need it. Confidential - Microsoft NDA
apps, sites and more, so you can spend Only. Attributes & Themes –
less time searching and more time doing. Harmonious. 6.
Windows 8 is smooth, intuitive, and 8Open. Windows 8 is open Attributes:
designed to let you do what you want, the diversity and choice, flexible and
way you want. Start up quickly Customize extensible Themes: You choose Windows 8 is
your Start screen with live tiles Browse designed for touch, mouse, and keyboard,
faster with Internet Explorer Stay safer so you can choose how you get around. Get
with Windows Defender Get great apps at Windows 8 on great new tablets, laptops,
the Windows Store Plus Mail, Photos, convertibles, AIOs, and desktops. You
SkyDrive and more built-in. With Windows 8 choose. They’re all designed to play as
Pro, you get everything in Windows 8, plus hard as they work. Browse and discover
enhanced features that help you easily thousands of apps in the Windows Store.
connect to company networks, access files Try before you buy, read ratings and
on the go, encrypt your data, and more. reviews, and share your favorites with
Encrypt your data with BitLocker Access your friends. (See notes) You choose the
your PC on-the-go with Remote Desktop apps that power your experience, the
Connect to company networks with domain devices you want to connect to, and your
join. Confidential - Microsoft NDA Only. favorite tablet or PC style. It’s all up
4Windows 8. Windows 8 has been to you. Confidential - Microsoft NDA Only.
reimagined to be all about you. Put what Attributes & Themes – Open. 7.
matters most right on your Start screen, 9Additional Themes. Xbox and Windows 8
and get instant access to your people, Xbox music and video is the new way to get
apps, sites and more, so you can spend great entertainment on Windows 8. Enjoy
less time searching and more time doing. the latest movies, TV shows and music on
The Windows 8 experience is: Personal. your tablet or PC. Get access to great
Connected. Harmonious. Open. Confidential games made especially for Windows—from the
- Microsoft NDA Only. latest hits to your favorite classics.
5Personal. Windows 8 is more personal Plus, use Xbox SmartGlass on your tablet
Attributes: expressive, unique, tailored or PC as a second screen with your Xbox
Themes: Make it yours; Windows 8 is 360® for an enhanced experience. Even
uniquely yours Personalize your Windows 8 flick your photos, home movies and music
experience with the people, apps, and right from your tablet or PC to your TV.
sites you care about most. Pin your Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox.
favorites to your Start screen, and (See notes) Rock solid foundation Your
arrange them the way you want. Windows 8 Windows 8 PC starts up quickly and apps
is uniquely yours. Choose a favorite photo run faster. Built on the rock-solid
to create your unique picture password and foundation of Windows 7 and enhanced with
simply trace a pattern over it to sign-in. safer browsing, account protection, and
By changing your colors, background, and parental controls. With SmartScreen, your
lock screen photo, you can personalize Windows 8 PC checks new apps or websites
Windows 8 to be a beautiful expression of you browse to so you’re safer from malware
you. Your Windows, everywhere. Sign in to and viruses. More control over your
any of your Windows 8 PCs or tablets and children’s web browsing helps you to
instantly see your settings and get your protect their safety and privacy online.
apps. Buy them once from the Windows Confidential - Microsoft NDA Only.
Store, and use most of your Windows apps Additional Themes. 8.
on up to 5 PCs or tablets. Confidential - 10Additional Themes. On the go Windows 8
Microsoft NDA Only. Attributes & PCs and tablets are designed to use less
Themes – Personal. 4. power and have longer battery life. Now
6Connected. Windows 8 is connected you’ll have more time to do what you want,
Attributes: social, alive with activity, wherever you are, and spend less time
up to date, contextual Themes: Alive and searching for an outlet. Compatibility
up to date Windows 8 comes alive with the Plug in a device, and it just works. And
people, apps, and sites that matter to you if your device has a companion app, you
most. The information you care about flows can set it to automatically connect. A PC
effortlessly to you through live tiles and for the whole family Unique user IDs means
timely notifications. Easily share between a personalized experience for every member
your Windows 8 apps. You can quickly send of your family. Confidential - Microsoft
pictures or files from within your apps or NDA Only. Additional Themes. 9.
move them from one app to another. Search 11Notes and details. Windows Store
your apps, files, settings, or the web Requires an active Internet connection and
from anywhere within Windows 8. Go 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution to
anywhere and stay connected with great access the Windows Store and to download
apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos, and run apps. Snap Requires 1366 x 768
Messaging, SkyDrive and more built in. minimum screen resolution to snap apps
Store your stuff on SkyDrive and access side by side. Xbox and Windows 8 Coming
your files, photos, videos and more. Holiday 2012. Available content and
Wherever you go, you’re connected to the features vary by device. Second screen
cloud. Confidential - Microsoft NDA Only. control is available with select games and
Attributes & Themes – Connected. 5. Xbox LIVE content. Additional fees and/or
7Harmonious. Windows 8 is harmonious requirements apply for some content. See
Attributes: unified, seamless, natural and Confidential - Microsoft
familiar Themes: Beautiful, fast, fluid; NDA Only. 10. Notes and details.
Blends work and play Windows 8 has a new 12Thank you. August 2012 Microsoft
Start screen that is beautiful, fast and Confidential. Confidential - Microsoft NDA
fluid. It’s optimized for touch on new Only.
thin and light PCs and tablets. Windows 8
Windows 8 Themes.pptx
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Windows 8 Themes

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