Великая Отечественная война
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The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945
The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945
The Battlefield
The Battlefield
The Battlefield
The Battlefield
As all of this occurs, hitler is hidden in bunker under berlin He is
As all of this occurs, hitler is hidden in bunker under berlin He is
The reich dismantles itself
The reich dismantles itself
General Konev’s neisse front Planes bombed german rear areas 80 mile
General Konev’s neisse front Planes bombed german rear areas 80 mile
Hitler’s final appearance
Hitler’s final appearance
By april 21st zukov’s tanks just north of berlin As the russians
By april 21st zukov’s tanks just north of berlin As the russians
The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945
The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945
by april 27th the government sector of berlin was the greatest extent
by april 27th the government sector of berlin was the greatest extent
Not over yet
Not over yet
Why it matters
Why it matters
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The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945

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1The Battle of Berlin April 16, 10top Attack opened up at 0300 on april 16,
1945-May 8, 1945. with half a million shells The russians
2How the battle began. BY 1944 the used 140 spotlights to blind defenders
Germans found themselves on the defensive Extremely brutal fighting zukov’s tanks
due to the success of the d-day landings jammed in and devastated at the top 30,000
and repeated losses in Operation russian dead after heights taken.
Barbarossa. By 1945, the British, 11The Battlefield.
Americans, and Russians were all closing 12General Konev’s neisse front Planes
in on germany. - Within the first months bombed german rear areas 80 mile sector
of the year, the russian military was was saturated with explosives Konev
within 100 miles of berlin. In April, attacked here at 0415 Under smoke cover,
Russian forces were closing in on the his men crossed the neisse An hour after
german capital. With no where to go, the first troops crossed, konev’s tanks
Hitler designated berlin as a fortress to were already in action Konev met less
be defended. resistance than zukov, and was told by
3The Battlefield. stalin to turn his tanks toward berlin as
4Creating a path to berlin. The Vistula quickly as possible.
offensive - Began with marshall konev’s 13Hitler’s final appearance. April 20th,
1st ukrainian front Attack directed 1945, 56th birthday of hitler also last
primarily at 10 mile deep german defensive bombing raid over berlin by the u.s.
zone 2 Panzer and 2 motorized divisions Hitler came out into the chancellory
The artillery barrage began at 0500, on garden, and greeted s.s. and hitler youth
January 12, 1945 On January 25 Konev This was his final public appearance
reached the river oder Further north, Barely any hope, he Was probably already
soviets attacked, but not as successful In contemplating his suicide.
the center, General zukov attacked, within 14By april 21st zukov’s tanks just north
3 days warsaw was taken German front of berlin As the russians advanced, the
almost taken on the east 2nd bellorussian german 9th army was cut off some of the
front already on the river oder, 40 miles 9th army later made it out, but most of
from berlin. them were crushed by the soviets Konev
5As all of this occurs, hitler is moved in from the south Zukov began
hidden in bunker under berlin He is not shelling berlin relentlessly Any german
well briefed in the direness of the german who left berlin and was caught would be
situation The russian advance slows to executed Greatest hope was to stay and
allow for replenishment Fuel situation is fight.
critical Discipline in rear echelon areas 15The Battlefield.
is gone, rape and plunder in conquered 16The attack on berlin. By april 24th,
areas. 1st belorussian and 1st ukrainian fronts
6Despite luftwaffe attacks, the russian encircled the city The next day general
forces advance to the oder General zukov zukov and general konev were ready to take
struck to the north on march 4 He went the center of berlin Each building was
deep into pomerania, danzig was taken, and cleared room by room Soviet barrages
last german pockets of resistance were created even more obstacles for the
taken in the east In the south, marshall invading armies S.s. and hitler youth
konev’s 1st ukrainian front launched an defenders fought bitterly Panzerfausts
offensive and reached the river neisse on used to destroy large amounts of soviet
february 8 Konev’s line is very close to tanks Soviets had to dynamite and tunnel.
zukov’s line, closing berlin in. 17
7The reich dismantles itself. Around 18by april 27th the government sector of
march 19th, hitler orders germany be berlin was the greatest extent of hitler’s
dismantled Retreating germans destroyed rule Hitler, 55 feet below the city,
everything that could be of use to the thought there was a possibility of berlin
soviets Bridges, factories, railways, and being saved by the 12th army no thought of
food storages were all destroyed by the surrender whatsoever On the night of the
nazis. 29th the fighting was less than ? mile
8Battle of the oder-neisse. Every from hitler’s bunker Hitler ready to die,
russian tank, gun, and soldier rushed to determined not to be taken alive.
the oder-neisse front, a stretch of only 19Taking the reichstag. Konev made it
250 miles 25 bridges were built over the into the central district, as zukov’s men
oder for zukov Stalin decided to let fought to the reichstag Every man given
zukov’s first belorussian front and the red banner Whoever to raise the flag
konev’s 1st ukrainian front to race for would be made a hero of russia Took almost
berlin It was not only a matter of 10 hours to clear the upper parts of the
territory and prestige, but evidence shows reichstag Red banner planted by men of the
stalin wanted to reach the german nuclear 1st battalion 756th rifle regiment on
center in berlin before the allies. Zukov april 30th.
and konev were ready to do whatever it 20Not over yet. Hitler commits suicide
took to be first. Goebbels wanted to discuss terms of
9Resistance between the oder-neisse surrender Fighting continued Pockets of
front and berlin 1,000,000 german soldiers resistance still in the chancellory and
between the invaders and berlin None of scattered throughout the government
the defenders expected mercy Expecting a district Russian guns fall silent on may
massive attack through czechoslovakia, 2, 1945.
Hitler sent 4 panzer divisions to defend 21The Battlefield.
This move meant the oder front was missing 22aftermath. Entire city of berlin
a powerful weapon against the soviets FDR reduced to rubble Staggering loss of life
dies and hitler is excited Vienna falls to Many civilians wounded, raped, and went
the soviets around the same time, but insane May 8, 1945 – germany formally
hitler is confident of a turnaround The surrendered, putting an end to the third
fuhrer declared the war would be won in reich General Zukov the victor of the
the german capital. battle of berlin Stalin’s primary mission
10Zukov (The 1st belorussian front) set of securing nuclear research center was
to fight in the central of the oder-neisse accomplished.
front Konev (1st Ukrainian) to attack from 23Why it matters. Last major battle on
the south 2nd belorussian front set to the european front Stalin’s rush cost
fight on the northern end Battle of the thousands more lives than needed Numerous
seelow heights Heavily defended area in germans killed and raped The victory over
the path to berlin Sandy ridge, marshy at germany brought prestige and marked the
the bottom,numerous ditches Bottom of beginning of a new era - Berlin became a
ridge had two defense lines Highest city that represented the struggle of east
concentration of german firepower at the versus west.
The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945.ppt
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The Battle of Berlin April 16, 1945-May 8, 1945

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