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1HOW TO WOW EMPLOYEES. What it takes to 16What employees are saying. “There is a
be one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work lack of confidence and support in enabling
For in Oregon Brandon Sawyer Research a staff person to make decisions and
Editor, Oregon Business magazine. execute a program without micromanagement
2What Are the 100 Best Nonprofits? from the top.”.
Based on Oregon Business magazine’s 17What employees are saying. “I love
comprehensive four-year-old survey, first that we can bring our dogs and babies to
conducted in spring 2009 Inspired by our work with us! It makes the work place so
19-year-old 100 Best Companies to Work For much less stressful. I also love all of
in Oregon survey Published in our October the different ethnic foods and treats that
issue Celebrated at dinner event in late employees bring in to share..”.
September Promoted through use of our 18What employees are saying. “Obviously
logo, on our website,in other media, etc. being a non-profit organization budget
3Survey Components. Employee survey issues are always a concern However,
Counts for 5/6 of an organization’s employees should be rewarded with annual
overall score, based on satisfaction raises for doing such an amazing job.
ratings 35 scaled questions and two 19What employees are saying. “We support
open-ended questions, taking bout 10 our clients to be independent in the ways
minutes to complete Subjective Employer that they can in a playful loving and
Benefits survey Counts for 1/6 of an respectful way that brings most days full
organization’s overall score About 50 of laughter and smiles!!! Our managers
questions, taking a half hour or so to facilitate our (caregivers) ability to
complete Objective. sustainably give care by supporting us
4The Employee Survey. Five statements with care!!”.
in each of the following sections: Work 20What employees are saying. “There are
Environment Management & too many people in charge and they have a
Communications Mission & Goals Career hard time trying not to step on each
Development & Learning Benefits & others toes and the direct workers can
Compensation. kind of be seen as less-than.”.
5Green Employee Survey. Ten statements 21What employees are saying. “I work
in Sustainable Practices Not counted in with the best people, producing great art,
100 Best Nonprofits scoring Used only for in a beautiful place. I feel supported and
our 100 Best Green Companies to Work for nurtured by the organization and my
in Oregon, published in the June issue of boss.”.
Oregon Business Scored along with 15 22100 Best Nonprofit Reports. Huge
Sustainable Practices questions from the benefit of participation: Available to all
Employer Survey. participants that meet survey
6Volunteers & Employee Survey. qualification requirements Minimum of 10
Unpaid volunteers may also take the survey employee/volunteer surveys At least 10% of
at the discretion of participating employees responding Completed employer
nonprofits Must work a minimum of 20 hours survey Free Basic report available
on average per month Omitted from Benefits Employee write-in comments and
& Compensation section A minimum of 10 Comprehensive reports available for a fee
paid employees and/or qualified volunteers Easy and valuable way to pinpoint areas of
is required 10 or more employee surveys strength and weakness.
must be completed by the end of the survey 23Average Category Scores, All
in order to qualify for consideration in Participating Nonprofits, 2011.
the list. 24Work Environment, All Participating
7Employee Survey Components. For each Nonprofits, Satisfaction vs. Importance
survey statement employees rate two 2011.
things: How satisfied they are with the 25Management & Communications, All
performance of their organization in that Participating Nonprofits, Satisfaction vs.
area How important that particular item is Importance 2011.
to their overall satisfaction with their 26Mission & Goals, All Participating
organization Statements rated on scale of Nonprofits, Satisfaction vs. Importance
-3 (not at all) to +3 (very) Entirely 2011.
subjective Counts for 500 points of 100 27Career Development & Learning, All
Best Nonprofits score Scored based on Participating Nonprofits, Satisfaction vs.
average satisfaction ratings of all Importance 2011.
responding employees and volunteers. 28Benefits & Compensation, All
8The Employer Benefits Survey. A single Participating Nonprofits, Satisfaction vs.
employer representative, usually the HR Importance 2011.
director, completes this Questionnaire on 29
health, time off, retirement, work/life 30
balance, career development and other 31
benefits Answers are objective; yes/no and 32
numbers or percentages Includes 15 33
Sustainable Practices questions used only 34
for the 100 Best Green Companies to Work 35
For scoring Counts for 100 points of 100 36General conclusions. Satisfying
Best Nonprofits score. nonprofit employees in terms of pay,
9Dynamic Between Satisfaction and benefits and promotion remains a challenge
Importance. Importance indicates Clear, effective and regular communication
expectations of employees within the by management with employees, as well as
workplace Satisfaction indicates whether involving them in decisions, provides an
workplace is meeting those expectations opportunity to boost morale with less
Gap between importance and satisfaction fiscal impact.
shows areas where employee morale may be 37General conclusions. Team-building,
most improved. acknowledgement and rewarding top
10Statements most important to Oregon workplace performers, and discipline of
nonprofit employees, 2011. Imp. Rank. poor performers may also improve morale
Survey Statement. Sat. Rank. Avg. Score. Nonprofit employees value Work Environment
1. Treatment by supervisors and highly so maintaining flexibility,
management. 7. 2.68. 2. Pride and belief work/life balance, family-friendly
in the organization. 2. 2.65. 3. policies and sufficient time off is
Flexibility to balance family, community critical.
and job obligations. 3. 2.64. 4. Teamwork, 38General conclusions. Employees also
cooperation and fun at work. 8. 2.59. 5. value Mission & Goals and are more
Open and clear communications within satisfied with their organizations in this
organization. 20. 2.56. area; they take pride in their workplace
11Statements Oregon nonprofit employees and advancing the mission Providing
are most satisfied with, 2011. Sat. Rank. constructive feedback and being proactive
Survey Statement. Imp. Rank. Avg. Score. in helping employees build skills and
1. Fairness for differing racial, gender, develop careers inspires great loyalty and
sexual-orientation, disability, age and strengthens the overall organization.
economic groups. 6. 2.30. 2. Pride and 39Benefits of survey participation. It’s
belief in the organization. 2. 2.23. 3. free Easy and convenient: accessible
Flexibility to balance family, community online from any computer or mobile device
and job obligations. 3. 2.17. 4. Progress or on paper in English and Spanish
of mission and purpose. 9. 2.07. 5. Paid Dialogue with employees: Employees get a
time off and leave benefits. 7. 2.07. unique chance to voice their opinions
12Statements with biggest gaps between confidentially Honest feedback: Employers
importance and satisfaction, 2011. 1. gain valuable insight about the business
Opportunities for increases in pay and from those on the front lines. Higher
benefits. 1.63. 2. Adequacy and fairness morale and efficiency The List Event and
of compensation across organization. 1.22. promotion Employee attraction and
3. Open and clear communications within retention.
organization. 1.21. 4. Opportunities for 40100 Best Nonprofits schedule. Sign up:
promotion and advancement. 1.07. 5. Timely April 23 to June 15 Survey: April 23
discipline and termination for poor through June 22 Scoring and ranking:
performance. 1.06. Qualified nonprofits are informed in late
13What employees are saying. “My boss July if they rank (though not where) among
allows me to run my project as I wish. He the top 100 nonprofits Survey results:
is always available to listen or offer Participants may order a free overview of
suggestions. He is an extremely positive survey results or a more detailed report
person.”. for a fee August through November Event
14What employees are saying. “ I would and list: The 100 Best Nonprofits will be
like more interaction with my supervisor. honored Sept. 27 at a dinner event in
I feel like much of the information about Portland List will be published in the
my role is filtered then communicated October issue of Oregon Business and
through a team member to me. This online at www.oregonbusiness.com.
filtering can cause a break in the sense 41Participating in our survey. The 2012
of teamwork.”. 100 Best Nonprofits survey opens today! At
15What employees are saying. “There is a least 10 Oregon employees and/or qualified
sense of pride among the people with whom volunteers required Sign up at
I work, and a genuine sense of caring for www.oregon100best.com Questions: Contact
one another. We do emotionally difficult me at 503-445-8828 or
work and thus need a large degree of trust 100best@oregonbusiness.com.
with each other.”.
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