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Russia. Dasha Alekseeva.

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«Russia» - The chastooshka is a folklore element. Russia — democratic federal prezidentsko-parliamentary Capital — the city of Moscow. Russia is located in Northern hemisphere, in the north of continent Eurasia. Cruiser an «Aurora»in Sankt-Peterburg. At present the president is-Medvedev Dmitry Anatolievich. Kremlin in Moscow.

«Урок Московский Кремль» - 5. Длина пушки – 5,34 м, масса –40 т (2400 пудов). The Kremlin was ordered to be built by Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1156. Before the revolution it had up to 200 small shops. Now the center of Moscow is located on Red Square. Московский Кремль – гордость русской культуры. Московский Кремль – гордость русской культурЫ.

«About Russia» - Petersburg. Learn More About Russia. Some Famous Russians. www.pbase.com/hiker_photograph/image/48246979. www.russia.com/photos/. Let’s Learn About Russia. Sarah DeCapua. Tom Streissguth. Irkutsk, in Siberia. Books to Read. Moscow. Famous Palaces (click on the names to find out more). Map of Russia.

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«Moscow sights» - Цели. Insert the articles where necessary. Литература. St Basil’s Cathedral. Hospitable. Game. Choose the right answer. The founder of the Tretyakov Gallery. Read the sentence. A Famous Sight of Moscow.

«My country Russia» - Russia has a population of about 145,600 people. Russia is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia. It flows into the Caspian Sea. Summer temperatures in Russia from +1 to +40, and in winter from -1 to -50 degrees. It is the biggest country in the world. This flag has three wide stripes on it. The red colour has always meant love and bravery.

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