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The most popular cultural

WIN! SPORT IS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR CULTURAL PRACTICES AND IS CLOSELY WOVEN INTO SOCIETY. THIS WIN AT ALL COST ETHIC RUNS THROUGH BOTH SPORT AND SOCIETY. CHARACTERISTICS OF SPORT AND COMMERCIALISM – THE ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ America’s sports are the most technically advanced in the world and their major sports are not really played anywhere else in the world. It can hold World Championships in American football and baseball, in which only the American teams compete!

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«Бостонское чаепитие» - It was the War for Independence of the American colonies. The Americans had the plan not to take this tea but to drop all of it into the water. Soon after this, the war between Britain and the American colonic, started. The British policy was very strict. Patience of Americans came to an end in 1773.

«The sights of the USA» - Niagara Falls. The construction of this memorial began in 1925. The park staff will identify your finds for you. Vendors sell handmade jewelry, crafts and traditional foods nearby. The monument was completed and dedicated in 1885. The Statue of Liberty is one of the best known American landmarks. Vietnam Memorial.

«Sport in the USA» - The size of the state. The most popular cultural. College players. US sporting stars. US sport means business. The USA is driven by capitalism. Modifications to games. Population is 293 million. America is a decentralised society. Sport in the USA. The major american ideologies. Young capitalist nation.

«Американский и британский английский» - Отличия британского английского от американского. Американский английский. Американский и британский английский - вечные соперники. Изучение ряда отличий в американском и британском английском. Понятия, обозначаемые разными терминами и выражениями. Латынь была языком Церкви и монастырей, а значит, образования и науки..

«Symbols of the USA» - American flag. The Lincoln Memorial. Symbols of the USA. White House. Great Seal of the United States. The Motto. Statue of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Official Flower. Mount Rushmore. Spiritual side. Eagle. Liberty Bell.

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