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College players receive top level coaching and support and under enormous pressure to win in a highly competitive field, which is heavily funded by TV and sponsorship deals. The best college athletes are drafted into professional sport. Professional sport inextricably linked with dependent upon commercialism. TV and advertising not only fund professional sport, but also govern procedures influence its rules. For example, American Football has evolved into a constant stop-go staccato pattern to allow companies to screen advertisements every five minutes. In US culture the ‘win ethic’ dominates. In the nineteenth century, European games were adopted and quickly moulded to suit their new environment and rapidly evolving culture. Other games were invented. This was a new society – the ‘land of opportunity’ Games are high scoring, action packed and with exciting short bursts of activity which are followed by commercial breaks – basketball, American football. There is a flip side to this, sport in the USA is extremely elitist. In athletics, for example, there is not even one amateur athletic club where the general public can attend. For most it is something that you watch rather than play.

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