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Hybrid: Editing AACR2/CSR Records

Hybrid: Editing AACR2/CSR Records. Documentation: Post RDA Implementation Guidelines and Standards http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/ May follow RDA conventions to maintain AACR2/CSR records May add (or add to) 336-338 fields Should create RDA NARs if additional name headings are needed (e.g., issuing body) Many changes can be made without re-describing serial using RDA. 20.

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«New York» - Juvenile Delinquency in community corrections. Protect human dignity. Victim Impact Unit continued. Three general categories of indicators will be monitored: There are two Federal Prisons located in New York. Cities and towns: Substance Abuse Treatment Services: Operation Impact continued. Establish a structured environment that fosters respect through disciplined learning.

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