ALASKA ATS-6 TELEMEDICINE EXPERIMENT FUTURE PROMISE Rural Health. There is now considerable interest in applying telemedicine rural regions. The Indian Health Service/Alaska Area Native Health Service model of using indigenous people as primary care providers (i.e., Community Health Aides) as well as other health team members would have direct applicability in many areas, especially in the Third World. Enhanced communication technology can today enable any care provider to be linked to the any necessary specialist or knowledge source. The Alaska satellite telemedicine projects have demonstrated that the inclusion of a Health Information System in a comprehensive health care delivery system can significantly improve health status of a community. An alternative definition of telemedicine could be helpful in understanding how care providers at various education levels in widespread, even isolated, locations can be tied together in a more comprehensive and effective health care delivery system. The following, final slide is an alternative definition submitted for discussion. Charles D. Brady. 22.

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