ALASKA ATS-6 TELEMEDICINE EXPERIMENT STANFORD UNIVERSITY EVALUATION. The Institute for Communications Research at Stanford University, under contract to the list Hill National Center for biomedical Communications, the value weighted the project and submitted an extensive final report. The study concluded (see Executive Summary): Satellite communication can reliably provide audio and black and white television signals of sufficient quality to be useful in health care delivery in rural Alaska. Useful consultations for practically any medical problem can be conducted using satellite video channels. Satellite video consultation can be successfully carried out by health care providers at all levels of training. The unique capabilities of the video transmission may play a critical role in five to ten per cent of the case is selected for the video presentation. Otherwise, there was little measurable difference between the effect of the video and audio consultation. Health care providers were more concerned that reliable audio channels be acquired and retained. They were less concerned about having video because of cost. The H I S was considered to be a valuable addition and recommended it be extended to the rest of Alaska. 18.

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