ALASKA ATS-6 TELEMEDICINE EXPERIMENT STANFORD UNIVERSITY EVALUATION Comments. The Stanford effort was exhaustive. The report included an historical chapter to give context and a final chapter on the implications for an operational service and future research. An effort was made to quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of the project. In the final analysis, the quantitative values (e. g. , the five to ten per cent critical role value given above) relied on subjective data. The participating physicians and observers were requested to estimate the effects of consultation on the long term outcome for each encounter. (1, critical; 2, much better than audio; 3, slightly better; 4, no different than audio only; 5, worse than audio only). This presenter noticed a reluctance on the part of the General Medical Officers to admit that video made a significant difference in some cases in which it seemed obvious. This was supported in the Stanford report where it is noted that observers in Anchorage judged the video to be critical or much better than audio twice as often. (Of course they may have had their own biases.) This could have been because of the great concern to always have good audio which was not at that time a certainty in Alaska. Perhaps they felt that saying video was critical would be tantamount to saying that they would have been doing less than the best for the patient if the video were not available. 19.

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