TELEMEDICINE ECONOMICS. COST. MORTALITY MORBIDITY DISABILITY SATISFACTION. II. I. HEALTH STATUS. HEALTH IMPACT. III. IV. Acceptable Region -. HEALTH IMPACT VERSUS COST. The big question is, “Who pays for the increase?” However, assuming there is money available, there are other questions. How does one quantify health impact? What is it the maximum slope that can be accepted in Quadrant I? What is it the minimum slope that can be accepted in Quadrant III? Is any move into Quadrant III acceptable? (A question for HMOs?) If one could quantify health impact, what dollar value could be assigned to a unit of health impact? In what areas of health care is the slope in Quadrant I the lowest? Are there guidelines or heuristics for answering these questions? Charles D. Brady. HEALTH IMPACT = CHANGE IN HEALTH STATUS. 21.

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