<<  Broadband Communications On May 30, 1974 the NASA ATS-6 deployed its ALASKA ATS-6 TELEMEDICINE EXPERIMENT SITES  >>

THE ALASKA ATS-6 TELEMEDICINE EXPERIMENT. OBJECTIVES. The ATS-6 experiment was planned to be smoothly integrated with the existing health care system and was designed in accordance with the following primary objectives: To test and assess in the Alaska environment the effectiveness of the various capabilities provided by video in assisting physicians to provide diagnostic support for primary care providers (Community Health Aides, Physicians’ Assistants, and nurses) in a truly isolated and inaccessible environment. To test and demonstrate the ability of indigenous community health aides to effectively use broadband communications as a possible prelude to future studies of the trade-offs between technological capability and level of training. To evaluate the use of interactive video for continuing education of Service Unit hospital personnel and remote village practitioners. 4.

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