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Answer the questions: Why is panda important? What actions can you take now? How many tigers remain in the wild? What makes polar bear impressive and vulnerable? Which animal is one of the most threatened ? 5 marks. Why is the Western North Pacific grey whale at serious risk? Where is tiger habitat? Whales are facing a multitude of hazards, aren’t they? Prove it! What has to be done with commercial whaling? What animal is the mascot of the WWF? 5 marks.

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«Animals in our life» - A dog. Our domestic animals. How many people In Russia do keep pets at home. Английский язык. Animals In danger. Animals in our life. A zebra. A hedgehog is one of the endangered animals. Domestic. A sheep. Wild. A crocodile. Interesting lesson. Very important role. Редкие животные. Endangered. Many animals and birds on the earth.

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