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«Funny animals» - In the sperm whale is the longest intestine. Its length is 160 m. Snails can sleep up to three years. Pekingese Puggi - winner of the longest tongue in the world - see 10.16cm. Falcon longevity of birds, according to the literature, is a falcon, which can live to be 162 years old. Swallow (right) - 11-year-old cow from Yorkshire - posing next to the bull Freddie. Swallow - The smallest cow in the world - 83 cm.

«Endangered animals» - Scientists suggest that in the wild there are about 1600 species. Temporary ban on the global trade in bluefin tuna meat would help the population recover. The polar bear became the symbol of the first casualties, losing their habitat due to climate change. Big Panda. Magellanic penguin. Polar bear.

«The animals» - FOX. SEAL. PARROT. The animals which live in the rainforest and tropics. The animals which live in the forest. GRIFFIN. The animals which live in Australia. TIGER. SQUIRREL. PENGUIN. WHALE. HIPPO. REINDEER. The animals which live in the polar regions. STARFISH. BISON. PANDA. SNAKE. WOMBAT. The animals which live in the OCEAN.

«Животные Красноярского края» - A fox лисица. An elk лось. Животные красноярского края. A white hare заяц-беляк. A reindeer северный олень. A brown bear бурый медведь. A polar wolf полярный волк. A sheep bull овцебык. A polar bear полярный медведь. Snowy sheep снежный баран.

«Kinds of animals» - puppy. Медведь - bear медвежонок – bear-cub. Тигр - tiger тигренок - tiger-cub. pig. This animal red, in fairy tales she is a cunning. tiger. Лиса - fox лисенок - fox-cub. Лошадь - horse жеребенок - foal. Животные в английском языке. Домашние животные. Кошка - cat котенок - kitten. D…g kit…en …orse сa…f la…b sh…ep bear-c…b.

«Animals in our life» - A sheep. Animals In danger. A hedgehog is one of the endangered animals. Very important role. Animals that are popular among tourists at the zoo. Endangered. How many people In Russia do keep pets at home. Wild. Elephants and tigers. Подготовительный этап. Many animals and birds on the earth. There are three kinds of animals in the world.


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