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Adelie penguins

Adelie penguins. Adelie penguins are small penguins with black backs and beaks. Adelie penguins weigh up to 5kgs.Like humpback whales, Adelie penguins eat krill!

12 Antarctic animals

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- nutria. cow. rabbit. . goat. pig. hen. sheep. geese. horse. turkey. .

Kinds of animals - Dg kiten orse af lab shep bear-cb. dog kitten horse calf lamb sheep bear-cub. - fox - fox-cub. - tiger - tiger-cub. . This predatory, striped animal, the black and orange color. It is a friend of man. kitten. Very loves dirt. cow. dog. puppy.

Animals in our life - A dog. Wild. Interesting lesson. . A sheep. A zebra. A tiger. How many people In Russia do keep pets at home. Pets or domestic animals. Endangered. Elephants and tigers. A crocodile. Very important role. Our domestic animals. Animals that are popular among tourists at the zoo. There are three kinds of animals in the world.

Endangered animals - Polar bear. The polar bear became the symbol of the first casualties, losing their habitat due to climate change. The Monarch butterfly. Magelansky penguin. Bluefin tuna. Temporary ban on the global trade in bluefin tuna meat would help the population recover. Endangered animals. Each year, millions of butterflies monarch Danaides migrate from North America to Mexico - their winter habitat.

Funny animals - Falconlongevityofbirds,according to the literature,isa falcon, which canlive to be162years old. Reticulated pythonFluffy- the longestsnakealive.Its length -7.32meters. Record amonganimalslong jumpis considered to bea kangaroo-one boundthe animalcan overcomeup to 10 meters. Colo-the oldestlivinggorillain captivity.Itis considered the firstgorillaborn incaptivity.Wholives inColoColumbusZooinPowell, Ohio.Colo51 years old.

Animals names - be...r. p...ppy. ". ...heep. c...w. h...re. b...rds. Animals. co...k.