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It is EASY to join Channel One Russia Hotel Partnership Programme

It is EASY to join Channel One Russia Hotel Partnership Programme! Once the channel has been connected, you can add your hotel to our catalogue at http://hotels.1tvrus.com/ihave. “Perviy kanal Europa”. “Perviy kanal Europa”. “Perviy kanal Asia”. “Perviy kanal Asia”. Europe: ?Austria ?Andorra ?Belgium ?Bulgaria ?Great Britain ?Hungary ?Germany ?Denmark ?Greece ?Ireland ?Spain ?Italy ?Cyprus ?Malta ?Monaco ?Netherlands ?Norway ?Poland ?Portugal ?Romania ?Serbia ?Slovakia ?Slovenia ?Finland ?France ?Croatia ?Montenegro ?Czech Republic ?Switzerland ?Sweden. Asia: ?Israel ?Jordan ?United Arab Emirates ?Turkey. Asia, Australia, Oceania: ? Australia ?New Zealand ?Vietnam ?Cambodia ?Malaysia ?Hong Kong ?Singapore ?South Korea ?Japan ?India ?Indonesia ?Maldives ?Thailand ?Sri Lanka. Satellite. Asiasat 5 (100,5 E). Satellite. Eutelsat 13 (Hotbird 6). Orbital position. 100,5° E. Orbital position. 13° E. Frequency. 4 000 MHz. Frequency. 12 597 MHz. Polarization. H. Polarization. V. Symbol rate. 28,125 Msymb/s. Symbol rate. 27,5 Msymb/s. FEC. 3/4. FEC. 3/4. 12.

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