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What forms/documents are required to lease a unit under the program

What forms/documents are required to lease a unit under the program? Owners are required to complete the W-9 form. Request for Tenancy Approval Form (RFTA). Provides basic information regarding the unit, including its location, size, the rent amount and utilities and appliances provided by the owner. This form is executed by both owner and prospective Tenant. Unexecuted lease, incorporating a Tenancy Addendum on HUD Form 52641-A. Prospective tenant will provide copy of Tenancy Addendum. Certification of Occupancy Readiness. Provides landlord’s certification that the unit is immediately ready for occupancy without further repairs required of the landlord. This form is executed by owner only. Landlord or Authorized Agent Certification. Provides certification that the landlord will adhere to all federal guidelines and regulations. This form is executed by owner only.

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