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«Бостонское чаепитие» - Patience of Americans came to an end in 1773. The Americans had the plan not to take this tea but to drop all of it into the water. Of course, the British Government did not like it, so they closed the poll and sent soldiers to the American colony. One day British ship', loaded with tea came into the Boston port.

«Interesting places in the USA» - Nature sights. Место проведения проекта. The statue of Liberty. The Guggenheim museum. The Empire State Building. National Air and Space Museum. California. Niagara falls. Достопримечательности Америки. Результаты представления исследования. The history of flight. Devil’s Tower. The Twin Towers in New York.

«Американский и британский английский» - Изучение учебников на использование американского и британского английского. Разное произношение при одинаковом написании. Пунктуация. Понятия, обозначаемые разными терминами и выражениями. Американский английский - пропагандирует простоту, не знающую разумных пределов. Британский английский. Отличия британского английского от американского.

«Sport in the USA» - The USA is driven by capitalism. America is a decentralised society. The size of the state. Sport in the USA. The major american ideologies. Modifications to games. US sporting stars. THE most powerful nation. College players. Young capitalist nation. Commercialism. US sport means business. USA. The most popular cultural.

«San Francisco» - Two famous bridges in San Francisco. Famous tourist sites and landmarks in San Francisco. If you could live anywhere, where would you like to live. What does your hometown produce. Vocabulary List. Additional discussion questions. Neighborhoods in San Francisco. History of San Francisco. Museums and Theaters.

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