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«Big Ben clock» - The surround of the dials isgilded. Significance in popular culture l. A modern picture of 'Big Ben'. The origin of the nickname Big Ben is the subject of some debate. BIG BEN. At the base of each clock dial in gilt letters is the Latin inscription: The clock and dials were designed by Augustus Pugin.

«City London» - Paul's by William III. Tower of London. The East End. The famous places in the London. London is very rich in museums and art galleries. If you are fond of painting you'll go to the Tate Gallery. Piccadilly. Museums and art galleries of London. Kensington Gardens. London. The present building was built in 1852.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Высота Биг Бена 61 метр (не считая шпиля); часы располагаются на высоте 55 м от земли. Часф "Всемирное время". Часы МГУ. Механизм, приводящий в действие молот колокола Биг-Бен. Биг Бен изо льда. Микрофоны радиослужбы ВВС передают бой часов Биг Бена каждый час. Астрономические часы "Орлой".

«Westminster abbey» - His successors made the palace their main residence. Westminster Abbey. What English king built Westminster Abbey? At first Parliament was organized to help the monarch rule the country. Questions. Gradually Westminster became the centre of government. In what part of London is the building of the House of Parliament situated? 2)Which two parts does British Parliament consist of?

«Places in London» - Henry Ford. Henry Tate. Historical places. Queen Victoria Memorial. The famous places in the London. Museum. Collection. The East End. Достопримечательности Лондона. River Thames. The City. St.James's Park. Crown Jewels. Урок. Drawings. Kensington Gardens. The Queen's Residence. The British Museum. London is very rich in museums and art galleries.

«The capital of Great Britain» - Музей. Today. Исторический район. London is the capital of Great Britain. «Кровавая» Башня. Трафальгарская площадь. What do you know about London. Westminster Abbey. London. Try to read. Read correctly. Big Ben. Католический монастырь. Last Summer. Westminster and Trafalgar.

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