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Large Scale Public Pre-school Programs

Large Scale Public Pre-school Programs. Larger scale public programs often have weaker effects than targeted programs (Barnett, 1998; Dumas and Lefranc, 2010). Mixed evidence about the long-term effects of typical pre-school programs: Long-term academic and social benefits for all children (Berlinski, Galiani and Manacorda, 2008). Substantial gains for disadvantaged children (Fitzpatrick, 2008). Academic benefits of pre-school attendance tend to fade over time (Goodman and Sianesi, 2005). Pre-school attendance may be associated with poorer behavioural outcomes (Magnuson, Ruhm and Waldfogel, 2007). No conclusive evidence that a pre-school teacher with a Bachelor degree will ensure better cognitive outcomes (Early et. al, 2007).

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