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Once finished, click OK

Once finished, click OK. Options Lock modifier keys when pressed twice in a row: Check this so that pressing a modifier key (SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT) twice will lock down that key. This way, if multiple letters must be capitalized consecutively, the user can strike the SHIFT key twice and then type all letters to be capitalized and then strike the SHIFT key a third time to deactivate it. Turn off Sticky Keys when two keys are pressed at once: Check this so that, if the user presses a modifier key (SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT) at the same time as any other key (including another modifier key), Sticky Keys will be turned off. The user can then turn Sticky Keys back on using either the Control Panel or the keyboard shortcut, if it is enabled. Feedback Play a sound when modifier keys are pressed: Check this to hear a tone when a modifier key is activated. The sounds are different for pressing a modifier key the first time (holding it for only one character), pressing a modifier key the second time (locking it until further notice), and pressing a modifier key the third time (unlocking it). Display the Sticky Keys icon on the task bar: This allows easier access to the Sticky Keys feature.

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