<<  Oral Drill 14, SAM p. 191 Say that it is difficult for these people to старшая сестра - работать и учиться Старшей сестре трудно работать и  >>
я - посоветовать, что купить Мне трудно посоветовать, что купить

я - посоветовать, что купить Мне трудно посоветовать, что купить. бабушка - убирать дом Бабушке трудно убирать дом. они - отвечать на занятии Им трудно отвечать на занятии.

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«English» - Listening. What English-speaking countries do you know? Language is the most important mean of human intercourse. Reading. V.I. Lenin. English in the world. What is the official language in all these countries? Reasons. difficult. I don’t think so. I can’t agree with you. I can’t but agree with you!

«Английский язык» - Palace – дворец. Tradition – традиция. Я должен идти. Magic English. Английский относится к германским языкам индоевропейской семьи языков. Sale – распродажа. У вас есть мобильный телефон? did. are. The End. I to go. I We He She They It. Собственно «Биг-Бен» — само здание и часы вместе с колоколом. She it wrongly.

«Victory day» - Never forget the fallen. This is a a holiday with tears in the eyes. Only Russian casualties are estimated to be up to 27 million people. Congratulations to the veterans and their ancestors on the Great Victory Day ! The spirit of celebration hovers, in the air . Whole British Commonwealth – 12 million.

«Cinema» - The total number of K in the world - about 100 thousand. The most widely K. medium capacity (from 300 to 1,000 seats). thank you for your attention. Cinema. Cinema - public institution to public demonstration of films. Theater, public building (or part of it), equipped for movies. Modern K. in the USSR and other countries is a complex structure.

«Places in London» - Урок. The Queen's Residence. The Cathedral of Saint Paul. London is very rich in museums and art galleries. St.James's Park. London. Kensington Gardens. River Thames. Westminster. Cleopatra's Needle. Tower Bridge. Henry Ford. The best place in world. Crown Jewels. Buckingham Palace. The City of London.

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