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«Weather, seasons» - Seasons. Find out 9 words: Tongue-twister. Make up pairs of antonyms: What the weather is like in: It is summer! Что мы будем делать на уроке: It is autumn! It is spring! Translate these word combinations: Guess the words: DESCRIBE TWO PICTURES: The weather. Correct the mistakes: Thank you for your lesson!

«Litter problem» - The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad! Of course we photographed some places with litter. We came to the conclusion that our town is not too dirty. Our common efforts can give good results.

«The clouds» - How are clouds named. Sunset colors. A look out my window. The raindrops. Sundogs. Written and illustrated by your name. Write a little bit about your area. Types of low clouds. The air is cooling. The clouds outside my window. Iridescence. Ice crystals. Types of middle clouds. Picture. Include picture of high clouds.

«About weather» - New language (7minutes). We were soaking wet. They promised a hot clear day. Please, look at the blackboard and repeat after me. Find the right translation. It snowy in Russia, In China it’s not. Let’ check our homework (page 62, exercise 1). Pupils listen the tape and sing the song. Answer questions of our lesson.

«The Earth» - Tornado. To shake (shook, shaken) – трясти, трястись. Listen to the text and complete the table. Языка Is the Earth a Dangerous Place. Sudden shaking of the ground. Use the structure and say. Flood. Earthquake. Hurricane. A large amount of water. Hurt – причинять боль, вредить. Too much water is typical of flood.

«Spring, summer, autumn and winter» - Jessica. August. December. October. Jill. Why do you like autumn? Do you like autumn? Mary. AUTUMN. Do you like to read books in autumn? WINTER. Summer is bright. Spring is green. June. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Bill. SEASONS. February. Pam. March. IN WINTER IN SPRING IN SUMMER IN AUTUMN.


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