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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. People with romantic feelings for a particular person may send that person cards, gifts and text messages on Valentine's Day. Popular gifts include chocolates and flowers.

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«Florence Nightingale» - Florence Nightingale. Parents. Nightingale’s career in nursing began in 185. A young Florence Nightingale. The key. Good education. Florence felt that God had called her to help others. List the events below in the order they happened. Meaningless. First try to answer these questions. Waterloo Place.

«Традиции Великобритании» - Исследовательская работа групп. Интересующий вопрос - какие праздники отмечают в Великобритании? Чтобы начать исследование вам необходимо: Сопоставление и анализ собранных данных. обработка результатов исследований. Обе группы занимаются поиском информации в различных источниках: 1 группа – TRAVELERS.

«Great Britain» - CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS. THE ROYAL FAMILY. GEOGRAPHY. Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. The palace was built in the 18th century. A traditional food is roast lamb. The flag of Great Britain is red, white and blue. Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Easter Day is the high point of the year.

«Elizabeth II» - In 1947 the Princess's engagement to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten was announced. The dynasty inherited the Crown in 1917. Education. King's health was getting worse. Ход исследования. The Queen is Patron or President of over 700 organisations. ACCESSION AND CORONATION. Her Majesty takes a keen and Highly knowledgeable interest in horses.

«Британский парламент» - New letter. Mrs. Ririchio. Акты об объединении. My name is Dennis. Парламент Соединённого Королевства Великобритании. Британский парламент. My name is Karina. British Parliament. Thank you very much for your help. Who controls the British Parliament.

«The United Kingdom» - The largest lake is Lough Neagh in Nothern Ireland. The lowlands are in the southern part of the country. The capital of the country is London. It sea borders are France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavian countries. The longest river is the Severn, 354 kilometres. The highlands are in the nothern part of the country.

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