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India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage)

India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage). Size Estimates of Internet Users in India (All India, Urban/Rural, By States, By City Class/Village Class, Top 25 urban districts) Total internet using households, No. of internet users per household, Total Internet using individuals Regular internet users (at least once a month) versus occasional internet users Users accessing internet from only mobile, only computers, both mobile and computers Geographics of Internet Users Region, State, Urban/Rural area, City Type/Village Type, Top individual urban districts Personal Demographics of Internet Users Gender, Age, Weight, Height, Marital Status, Generational classification by age, Status in the household (CWE or other earning member or dependent member of the household) Occupation, Individual Income classification (if earning), Education, Medium of education, Preferred language of reading Personal Psychographics of Internet Users Current Priorities & Aspirations: Most important priorities in life currently, Parameter that defines ‘status in the society’ for them Current & Pastimes: Current hobbies and interests, Favorite indoor and outdoor activities/pastimes,

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