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India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage)

India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage). Wearables - Jewelry, Watch, Readymade Shirts, T-shirts, Readymade Trousers, Jeans, Readymade suit, Shoe, Innerwear Travel services - whether availed of any in last 3 months – air travel, train travel, bus travel, hotel stay, holiday package Whether in next 6 months likely to finish education, change job, get married, or expect a birth in the house Whether order Pizza for home delivery Personal Mobile Usage Behavior Whether uses a mobile phone, No. of connections/SIMs used, Whether has landline phone at home For most used connection – type of connection technology, plan type (pre-paid/post-paid), Service provider name, Services subscribed to, Handset brand, Price of handset and features present on this most used handset Personal Media Usage Whether use TV (including genre of channels watched), Whether use Radio, Newspaper and Magazines Daily duration of usage during weekdays and weekend for each of the media used Most watched TV channels by genre of channels, most read newspaper and magazines, most listened to radio channel.

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