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India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage)

India Online Landscape Dataset (Information Coverage). Net usage status and dynamics Years of experience in using the net, Place of access (home, place of work, cyber caf?, transit, choupal/gram panchayat) Net usage details by the most preferred place of access – frequency of usage, duration of usage, speed of connection Online (and offline) marketing stimulus responded to (banner ads, search ads, virals, contest, e-mailers, newsletters) Popular languages of internet usage, most used websites for each of these languages Social Media & Blogging - proportion of internet users reading, commenting and owning blogs, review products, use twitter, upload content online, etc. Whether uses internet on mobile phone, type of access (WAP, Pre-installed applications, Browse directly, Push mail), internet activities undertaken on the mobile phone, reasons for not using internet on mobile where applicable Online shopping behavior (Only in ‘Online Travel’ and ‘Online Shopping’ Dataset) Penetration of online shoppers (only search) and buyers (search and buy), Reasons for not buying online where applicable Travel products bought and searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying, average monthly spends Non-travel products bought and searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying, average monthly spends Online payment modes used Motivations of buying online and problems faced while buying online.

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