<<  Almost half the online Indians ‘head’ their HH Internet is ‘intrinsic’ to their lifestyle  >>
Their Consumption Lifestyle

Their Consumption Lifestyle. Product Category. Product Category. % Internet Users Owning/Using. % Internet Users Consuming. Car. 14%. Noodles. 55%. Motorcycle / Scooter. 40% / 10%. Milk Additives. 58%. PC/Laptop. 61%. Potato Chips. 62%. Mobile Phone. 93%. Biscuits. 71%. TV. 82%. Ketchup/Sauce. 43%. Fridge. 62%. Tea / Coffee. 74% / 64%. Camera. 51%. Soft Drinks. 60%. Ipod/Mp3 Player. 26%. Fruit Juice. 53%. Microwave. 29%. Bottled Water. 42%. AC. 21%. Chocolates. 73%. Saving Bank Account. 83%. Hair Oil. 72%. Credit/Debit/Cash Card. 45%. Shampoo. 76%. Life Insurance. 45%. Fairness Cream. 33%. Medical Insurance. 21%. Deodorant. 47%. Jeans. 65%. Toothpaste. 81%. Readymade shirts. 58%. Soap bars. 62%. Watch. 63%. Face Wash. 49%. Jewelry. 36%. Moisturize / Body Lotion. 36%. (Currently own/use). (Currently own/use). (Bought and consumed personally in the last 3 months). (Bought and consumed personally in the last 3 months).

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