<<  1.Wie hei 3.Das Wahrzeichen von Berlin ist …  >>
2.Wie hei
2.Wie hei?t das Bundesland, dessen Hauptstadt M?nchen ist?

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«At, in, on» - Ученики пишут предложение в тетрадях. In the water. To do consolidating exercises 4.to develop the speaking,writing and listening skills. It’s broken. In the forest. Exercise: Put in/at/on. On a page. On the ground. What did they buy? -Italian and English newspapers,a book. Мама стояла у окна. Where did they go? -To Tower Hill.

«Greenpeace» - Greenpeace. Globalization. Photovoltaic power. Campaign for forest protection. The people who make up Greenpeace. End the nuclear age. Eliminate toxic chemicals. Сountries where greenpeace has offices. Oceans. Stop climate change. Greenpeace is campaigning.

«ИКТ на уроках английского языка» - Choose the correct item. Виды работ с обучающими программами. Noughts and crosses. ИКТ. Six lemons. Topic. Проектная деятельность. What is the largest city in Canada. What is it that looks like a dog. The British flag is often called. The symbol of England. Britain and the British. Урок с мультимедийной поддержкой.

«Спортивные игры» - He can play …. Bob. Ski. The lesson is over. What sports and games can they play? climb. Aa Bb Dd Ff Gg Ii Jj Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Rr Tt Uu Vv Xx. Skate. jump. Ss. Tricky has got a pet. Qq. Tom can … She can skate. Yy. Alice. Ann. Tom can’t … Hh. She can play …. The ABC. [w], [w], [w] - Ваши водят ваши вышли.

«Victory day» - Population Belgium – 10 million. The spirit of celebration hovers, in the air . We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory. Victory Day (9 May). Congratulations to the veterans and their ancestors on the Great Victory Day ! They were not politicians, they were not thinking about anything except protecting their homes.

«Russian games» - It is played ball basketball. Basketball is popular in Russia. In Russia football appeared at the end 19th century. Country of basketball is the USA. They like Football very much. Football is very popular in Russia. Sports and games popular in Russia. England is the home of football. Basketball appeared in the Russia in 1901.

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