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INFORMATIONAL METHODOLOGICAL CENTER FOR MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION AND TOLERANCE. Aim: to popularize the ideas of tolerance, intercultural education, mutual respect and collaboration of the diverse ethnical and confessional groups in the Crimean society. Objectives: establishment of the resource base for informational and methodological assistance for development of a multicultural and ethnic education of the Crimean peoples; popularization of the cultures and religions of the peninsular, the ideas of the peaceful coexistence of the diverse confessions and ethnical groups of the Crimea; exchange of the innovational educational projects centered around inter-ethnical dialogue and polilogue proficiency development; informational and methodological support of revival, preservation and development of the national languages and dialects; development and distribution of the special school educational programs, involving the potential of the Crimean Ethnographic museum and the cultural-ethnographic centers of Crimea; wide distribution of the practical experience in conflict prevention and resolution (peer mediation, trainings for NGOs and others).

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