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Adding MultiColumn

Adding MultiColumn. <MULTICOL COLS=A GUTTER=B WIDTH=C> <P>………</P> <P>………</P> <P>………</P> </MULTICOL> Note: A = Column B = Space B = Width.

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«Healthy lifestyle» - Healthy lifestyle!!! (Здоровый образ жизни!!!). Ballet. Health is major need of the person, his defining ability to work. To go in for sports(заниматься спортом). all these exercises for muscles. Sit-ups. Попытайтесь развить положительные чувства. football. Basketball, Gymnastics. For this purpose what to observe a healthy lifestyle it would be necessary:

«Invention» - John Baird opens the first TV studio, however, the image quality was poor. He is considered by many Italians as the inventor of the telephone. The countertop microwave oven was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation, which was acquired in 1965 by Raytheon. The BBC begins regular TV transmissions.

«Pointillism» - Paul Signac was born in Paris. 4.Paul Signac was the main founder of «Society of Independent Artists». George Seurat. transparent paints. oil based paints, 6. RGB colors are used in photography. Paul Signac. and pencils also can be used. «Papa’s Palace in Avinion». «Portrait of Fenix Fenion». Pointillism is based on.

«Olympic games 2012» - Closing ceremony. Talismans of Games – Wenlock and Mandeville. Sports facilities. London became the first city to have received three Olympics. Oscar on the Olympic Games in 2012. Medal standings. Olympic Torch Relay Olympic Games. Olympic games in london. Oscar Pistorius is a man who never gives up.

«Word 2010» - Zoom. Tracking changes. Insert a table. Word wrap. Word 2010. Set tabs. Acknowledging a source. Page breaks. Markup views. Document inspector. Typography gives your document a polished, professional look. Styles. Text wrapping. Document productivity. Match fields with database. Table of authorities.

«Human rights» - Interdependent and indivisible. Whatever say politics, people are still dying in some non developed countries. They should not be taken away, except in specific situations. Both Rights and Obligations. Non-discrimination is a cross-cutting principle in international human rights law. It is very important to be informed with your human rights.

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