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Слайд 10 из презентации «Introduction to Computer Application II»

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«My house» - And two bras hang above the beds. A long beautiful curtain hangs above the bed. Bathroom. Garden. We have a not large dining-room. The is a TV-set near the sofa. The dolls sit on the armchairs. Dining-room. Next to a door there is a large beautiful picture. A big beautiful chandelier hangs above the carpet.

«My school» - Level 3. “Weigh” your positive opinions about school and negative ones. Could you be a teacher yourself? Key 1 - part 2 - kids 3 - things 4 - word 5 - Earth. Because I am responsible for my life and for all of my actions. Level 5. Let’s discuss. Иинтернет-сайты. Let’s play. Rest and learn. Questionnaire.

«Painting» - Isaac Ilyich Levitan. But we can feel something strange, which makes us happier. Water lilies 1895. It depicts the scenery of the town Plyos on the Volga River. View of Tiflis. The golden Plyos. Golden Autumn, 1895. It is the main idea of this picture. Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Another beautiful canvas of Levitan is "The golden Plyos".

«Женщина the woman» - Муж - голова, жена- шея; куда хочу- туда верчу. As great a pity to see a woman cry as a goose go barefoot. Оценочная структура лексической единицы “женщина”. Бабий язык, куда ни завались, достанет. A good wife makes a good husband. Наименование молодой девушки в современном английском языке. Женский интеллект.

«Meat» - Meat… A MAN who eats ALL. The proteins found in meat, its composition is very close to human. In soy no such amino acids that are present in the meat. Meat products - a valuable source of iron, potassium, phosphorus. Useful properties of meat and meat products are undeniable. WHAT GOOD MEAT? meat.

«Mass Media» - Средства массовой информации. How do you feel. Thank you for attention. English marks. Rocking around the Christmas tree. Answer the questions. Sources of information. Mass Media. Advantages. Whenever the weather is cold. Verb activator.

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