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LTE Smartphones / Tablets with WCDMA fallback

LTE Smartphones / Tablets with WCDMA fallback. LTE Capabilities. WCDMA Capabilities. Phones/ Tablets. 100 mbps. 14Mbps. 3. Downlink. 100 mbps. 21Mbps. 2. 100 mbps. 28Mbps. 0. 100 mbps. 42Mbps. 1. 50 mbps. 2Mbps. 0. Uplink. 50 mbps. 5.76Mbps. 4. Many markets. HSDPA fallback for LTE Smartphones and Tablets 14.4 to 42 mbps. Fujitsu Arrows. HTC Jetstream. HTC. Samsung Galaxy II LTE. Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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