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Completing the Performance Measure Task Framework Template – Algebra I

Completing the Performance Measure Task Framework Template – Algebra I End-of-Year Constructed Response Assessment.

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«Harry Potter» - Cruciatus - Cruciatus curse. Inexcusable spells: Avada Kedavra - Killing Curse. I want to talk about these books. Harry Potter was parselmouth. Imperio - immune to the curse. There are seven books in the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980, date of birth Rowling July 31, 1965.

«Часы Биг Бена» - Циферблаты Биг Бена смотрят на все 4 стороны света. Часы театра кукол. Часы на башне Парламента Соединенного Королевства слышат во всем мире. 10 самых известных часов мира. Почти в каждом районе Лондона можно отыскать маленького Бена. Подсчитано, что минутные стрелки Биг Бена проходят за год общее расстояние в 190 км.

«Litter problem» - It will cause negative emotions and affect our health. The main main problem is in the attitude of our people to ecology. On the whole we want to say that the situation is not bad! Let’s do our best to save our town from pollution! Litter Problem! We came to the conclusion that our town is not too dirty.

«The green movement» - Several active workers managed to steal up on a raft to a platform and to chain themselves to it. Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities.

«Christmas traditions» - Christmas Cookies. Vocabulary to Dialogues. Christmas Traditions. Фонетическая разминка. What do you know about Christmas. Christmas food. Christmas Associations. What does Christmas mean to you. Why do people celebrate Christmas. Vocabulary to the text. Jingle bells. Christmas cake.

«The capital of Great Britain» - Westminster and Trafalgar. Big Ben. Today. Read correctly. Трафальгарская площадь. London is the capital of Great Britain. Исторический район. What do you know about London. Last Summer. Try to read. Музей. Католический монастырь. Westminster Abbey. «Кровавая» Башня. London.

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