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Group Diagnostic Map – September Administration
Group Diagnostic Map – September Administration. 32.

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«Kaleidoscope» - Another cube. Initially intended as a scientific tool, the kaleidoscope was later. Sometimes the object cell is filled. Kinds of kaleidoscopes. Modern kaleidoscopes. History. Part containing. Kaleidoscope operates. Craft galleries. Kaleidoscope. Industry. A tetrahedron.

«Subculture» - What are pros and cons? Познавательный аспект – знакомство с мнениями людей о субкультурах. On the one hand it is…, but on the other hand … I think it’s absolutely wrong to… You are right. Emo. Оur purposes for today’s lesson are: I must agree that… Цель: On the contrary, it is … What are your arguments for and against the subculture?

«Australia» - Составить рассказ по плану. Чтение текста «Australia» Составить рассказ по плану. Фонетическая разминка. [W???n] [a?lэnd] [sentэ] [ju:kэl?ptэs] [r?:dзэn] [?эr?э] [pl?tou] [skw?э]. Look at the map. Make up word. Научить образовывать слова с помощью суффиксов – al, -ic, -y. Test Crossword. Составление рассказа по плану.

«The green movement» - Green color which is used by participants of movement as the general emblem, serves as a symbol of the nature, hope and updating. Their features. Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities.

«Winter» - In winter I like to ski with my father (mother, sister, friends). I like winter! Play snowballs Ski Skate Make snowman. I like winter because it’s snowy and frosty. In winter there are many funny games. SEASONS. We go to sledge, ski and skate. We can play hockey. I like New Year because I usually get many presents.

«Условные предложения» - Conditional Sentences. Условные предложения 1 типа выражают реальные, осуществимые предположения. I shall give you the book if you return it next week. If he had put on a warm coat he would not have caught cold. If he were here, he would help us. 2 тип условных предложений. Если погода будет замечательной сегодня, то мы поедем в деревню.

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